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Why MSPs Need PSA Software with Business Intelligence

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Why MSPs Need PSA Software with Business Intelligence

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) may be surprised by the modernization of Professional Services Automation (PSA) software. Older versions of this technology provided features similar to that of help desk software, but now PSA solutions go far beyond managing support tickets and tasks. 

For an MSP, the value of PSA software extends not only to operational items such as managing help-desk tickets and customer accounts, but also with the strategic side of the organization.  

The best PSA solutions are equipped with business intelligence, which turns them into versatile resources that automate tasks, collect critical business data, facilitate system integrations, and enable better business analytics.  

Here’s a look at the benefits your MSP can receive from using a PSA solution in conjunction with business intelligence. 

Practical Task and Process Automation 

In business intelligence PSA software, the traditional functions of help desk software have been greatly expanded through the use of more intelligent automation capabilities. 

A wide range of tasks can be automated, delivering exponential value to MSPs and their clients. The ability to automate tasks has a direct impact on your maximum client capacity and your ability to perform at scale. 

Whether it’s customer support tickets, invoicing, technical support requests, project management, or a number of other tasks, business intelligence PSA software allows MSPs to do more with less—and get it done without sacrificing quality in their work. 

Centralized Data Storage 

MSPs need data to be stored in a secure location—but they also need that location to be easily accessed remotely. A central data repository is the solution those MSPs need, and modern PSA software can provide this feature. 

Modern PSA software is capable of collecting and storing all of the customer data you need to access, including inventory information and billable time. This makes it easy for customer data to be used for analytics purposes, allowing MSPs to generate data-driven insights that improve their customer service and internal performance. 

That’s not the only benefit centralized storage offers. Because you’re working with only one central server, your company has to dedicate fewer administrators and IT resources to manage the central server where your data is being stored. This one-stop location also makes security easier and reduces the risk of vulnerabilities compared to a decentralized setup in which multiple servers and data storage points are being used. 

Better Software Integration Capabilities 

Some businesses opt for a customer relationship management (CRM) solution instead of PSA software to provide features similar to those of a help desk solution. But this has drawbacks when you’re trying to integrate common MSP tools into your system architecture. 

PSA solutions are designed to integrate with core MSP solutions such as QuickBooks, or remote management and monitoring tools such as NinjaRMM. CRM solutions are unlikely to offer the same level of integration, especially when it comes to synchronizing data.  

Business intelligence PSA software is the only way MSPs can make sure their in-house technology is as flexible and collaborative as possible when serving their clients. 

Analytics to Improve Customer Service 

When it comes to business intelligence, analytics is what matters most. Access to customer data is great, but data doesn’t translate into intelligence on its own.  

Business intelligence PSA software gives you those valuable insights, allowing you to spearhead improvements to your internal operations, your business strategy, and your service to your customers. 


Without a PSA solution, you’re putting a ceiling on your MSP’s performance. Ultimately, your clients will feel the effects. 

Don’t shortchange your customers and your business capabilities. Contact us today to find out how PSA software can supercharge your managed services. 

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