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What’s New: Analyze Your Data, Your Way with New Options for Advanced Reporting

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We’re delighted to announce that we’ve expanded our Advanced Reporting capabilities so that you can easily analyze your Planview AgilePlace data in your business intelligence system of choice. Discover new ways to access and visualize your Kanban board data with our new reporting API, which allows you to create the custom reports and dashboards you need to make data-driven improvements.

Understanding your Planview AgilePlace data is essential to monitoring and optimizing your organization’s delivery capabilities. Our new advanced reporting API makes it easy to extract your data from Planview AgilePlace – even for non-technical users – so that you can leverage it to:

  • Glean new insights with custom-built reports and dashboards
  • Identify organizational trends with custom reports that span multiple boards
  • Generate tools for comprehensive business analysis by blending cross-application data

Advanced Reporting enables you to pull your Planview AgilePlace data into your internal business intelligence systems – including Excel – to create the visualizations you need to optimize value delivery across your organization. This capability is available to our Advanced and Enterprise edition customers.

Your Data, Your Way

The ability to analyze your Planview AgilePlace data outside of Planview AgilePlace gives you the flexibility to create the right charts and graphs to meet your organization’s unique reporting needs.

The customization options are endless. Thanks to our new reporting API, you can:

  • Assess the health of your portfolio or drill into project details;
  • Create cross-organization rollup reports to highlight trends across multiple teams and departments;
  • Identify trends in historical data to make more informed decisions for your organization’s continuous improvement efforts;
  • And more.

Whatever your reporting needs, Planview AgilePlace’s Advanced Reporting enables you to visualize and analyze your data, your way, to better understand progress, variances, and trends.

How the Reporting API Works

The new reporting API enables you to quickly extract more than 40 unique data fields for the Planview AgilePlace boards you’re authorized to access. Simply select the dataset you want to analyze, complete the authentication step, and with the click of a button, the data will download into a CSV file.

You’ll also get a unique URL that you can embed directly into Excel or your BI tool. This saves you from having to update your data manually, as it automatically refreshes every 24 hours.

For those of you looking to get hands on the programming interface, our new reporting API documentation makes it easy to find your way around.

Unlimited Integrations with Your BI Systems

Our expanded Advanced Reporting capabilities let you integrate your Planview AgilePlace data with any business intelligence system that can consume CSV files.

For organizations that use Tableau, our Advanced Reporting offering also includes a reporting site built specifically for Tableau users. The site includes several pre-built reports to help you get started. Access this site here.

Learn More

AgilePlace’s Advanced Reporting arms your organization with up-to-date business insights so that you can make data-driven decisions. If you’re interested in learning more, please request a demo. For more information about our product editions, please visit our pricing page.

We look forward to hearing your feedback as you start using the new reporting API. Tell you us what you think and how we can improve on the Product Feedback forum.

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