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Free HPE ALM to HPE ALM Octane Integration

Published By Tasktop Blogger
Free HPE ALM to HPE ALM Octane Integration

As we mentioned in our previous post about HPE ALM Octane, Tasktop customers frequently come to us to help alleviate the stress that the rollout of a new tool can bring.

To help organizations ease adoption of HPE ALM Octane we’re offering to synchronize your defects between HPE ALM and HPE ALM Octane for free. This means that you can let some teams continue to use HPE ALM, while others move to HPE ALM Octane, and everyone still shares the same defects. Running HPE ALM and HPE ALM Octane in parallel allows you to de-risk the rollout and make the adoption process a lot easier for everyone involved.

You can watch our technical preview below to see how early adopters might use HPE ALM Octane to discover and create defects, while daily defect triage meetings still take place in HPE ALM. The defects are automatically synchronized from HPE ALM Octane to HPE ALM, and the triage changes flow back to the early adopters in Octane. Tasktop provides turnkey support for even the most customized HPE ALM environments, enabling you to get the full value of HPE ALM Octane no matter how complex your HPE ALM or QC deployment is.

NOTE: Time is up for our Micro Focus ALM to Micro Focus Octane I/O defect synchronization offering, but you can still connect Micro Focus ALM Octane with your lifecycle and DevOps tools with Tasktop Integration Hub.

Learn more about Tasktop support for Micro Focus (HPE) ALM Octane.

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