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The TaskTalks Podcast is back: ‘A Day in the Life of a Senior Software Engineer’

Published By Rianne Maharaj
The TaskTalks Podcast is back: ‘A Day in the Life of a Senior Software Engineer’

They always say all good things come to an end, but we’re here to prove that wrong. The beloved TaskTalks podcast is back, and it’s better than ever!

This time around we want to show you a bit more about who we are. Across this new series, we’ll be introducing our amazing Tasktopians to you to provide insight into the daily lives of the people behind the products you love.

For the first episode, one of our software engineers, Tim Van Der Kooi, interviewed Ryan Nosworthy. Ryan is a senior software engineer here at Tasktop, and he’s been working on Planview Viz, our new product that we unveiled at DOES 2019 last week.

Highlights from this week’s episode

Why Ryan joined Tasktop

“The fact that [Tasktop] built software as their product was a huge bonus for me…a company that actually does software as a service, as their main product, [holds] their engineers to a higher regard than companies that don’t do software as a service.”

A typical day working on Planview Viz

“We have a small team at Viz, there are five engineers. We all want to do everything, so there is no specialization from one colleague to another on our team. We’re full-stack, we can do anything from developing user control on the front-end to modifying our Kafka streams.”

Advice to new developers at Tasktop

“You’ve got to ask lots of questions and [the people you work with] will give you really detailed answers. You just have to keep at it and eventually things start making sense. We work with a lot of smart people at Viz, so definitely leverage that.”

Ryan’s favorite Tasktop memory

“Last year, we had a team-building exercise where we all went curling. Nobody knew what they were doing but we all had a fantastic time. Tasktop really encourages these out-of-office adventures. I found getting our team out on a slab of ice was an adventure!”

On Minnesota Viking’s Quarterback, Kirk Cousin

“It depends what week you ask me…This week I give him the thumbs…”

Don’t let yourself miss out on this cliffhanger. To get all the juicy details, listen to the full podcast (available on Apple and Soundcloud).



Want to work with Ryan?

Fancy working for a visionary company that’s looking for impact-oriented team members to drive our ambitions? We’re hiring across a number of positions in different departments – we look forward to hearing from you!

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Written by Rianne Maharaj