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VIEW ON DEMAND: Embedding Innovation into Company DNA, Featuring Cambia Health Solutions

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It goes without saying that the healthcare industry has a thing or two to do with people. Because of that, it should go without saying that the primary focus of this industry is, then, people — their experiences as doctors, patients, and other healthcare stakeholders — and innovation efforts should support that. But the team at Cambia Health Solutions isn’t convinced that’s the case, which is why they embarked on a collective mission to disrupt and transform the healthcare industry as a whole.

The Innovation Force
Enter the Innovation Force, Cambia’s internal innovation program powered by Planview IdeaPlace crowdsourcing software. Cambia’s growing family of companies ranges from software and mobile applications to healthcare marketplaces, non-traditional healthcare delivery models, health insurance, life insurance, pharmacy benefit management, wellness, and overall consumer engagement. Through bold thinking and innovative technology, Cambia delivers solutions that make quality healthcare more available, affordable, and personally relevant for everyone.

Since the launch of this program, innovation has become a core component of the company’s culture, and the dramatic increase in employee engagement has supercharged collaboration and transparency across the business.

ON DEMAND Webinar: Embedding Innovation into Company DNA
This recent webinar featured Cambia’s Chief Innovation Officer, Mohan Nair, and Max Janasik, Vice President of Innovation. They shared how the company used crowdsourcing to improve client and patient outcomes and drive a return on value of $171M.

Attendees also learned:

  • How Cambia embedded innovation into their business to save millions through process improvements and increased engagement
  • Why a focus on attracting and engaging people in ideation is key to successful innovation
  • How innovation transforms the way people think and work

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