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Projectplace mallbibliotek för arbetsutrymmen är här

Start collaborating on projects faster

Publicerad Av Zach McDowell
Projectplace mallbibliotek för arbetsutrymmen är här

Whether you’re an event planner, a consultant, or even a member of a sales team, you’ve probably found yourself managing projects. Managing projects can be difficult, especially if you’re unsure of where to begin. More frequently than you’d probably like to admit, you need some assistance getting a project off the ground, especially if the project in question is out of your comfort zone. I can certainly understand and relate to these challenges, which is why I am excited to announce the ProjectPlace template library is now available to help you get projects started and eliminate some of the uncertainty.

ProjectPlace Workspace Template Library

ProjectPlace workspace template library currently offers templates for the following use cases:

  • Statement of Work – Consulting
  • Employee Reference  – HR
  • Recruitment Portal – HR
  • GDPR Compliance Checklist – IT
  • Media Pitching – PR
  • Event Planning – Marketing
  • Agile Marketing – Marketing
  • Office Relocation – Facilities

The new workspace templates correlate to common departmental projects in your company – helping users determine what to consider at the onset of a project as well as how to leverage ProjectPlace to see the project through to completion. The initial release of the library offers marketing teams, human resource organizations, IT, and services consulting ways to get projects started by leveraging Projectplace. For example, HR teams can leverage on-boarding templates to streamline tasks associated with new hire employees – from benefits to training.  Additionally, the professional services template offer consultants an approach to software implementation projects; the new event marketing template offers “what to consider” when planning an event (see the template sample screenshots); and the new PR and media template gives PR teams a platform to seamlessly plan and execute media pitching and track progress of opportunities.

The templates leverage the standard ProjectPlace workspace populated with Gantt chart, Kanban boards, connected tasks, and document folders. And, they are customizable to fit your team’s specific needs – offering the perfect way to help you get organized and kick off a project, while guiding you through the tool at the same time.

I invite you to test out the template of your choice today. Start a free trial. To learn how ProjectPlace can benefit each department in your organization, check out the following use-case blogs: Public Relations, Human ResourcesBlog Management, Cross-Department Communication, Demand Generation Marketing, Event Management, Digital Marketing, Customer Renewals, RFP Project Planning, Sales Team CollaborationCustomer Experience, Solutions Marketing, and Sales Project Management.

I’d like to hear from you. Test out a template and let me know what you think. Share by leaving a comment below.

Gratis test av Projectplace

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