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Published By Jon Terry

Happy New Year!

Consider them a belated Christmas present or just a great way to start 2012, but either way, we’ve deployed a few new features for Planview AgilePlace.

First and foremost, Professional Edition users can now add comments to their cards by replying to system-generated notification e-mails. So, if someone assigns you a card, adds a comment in the app, updates a card on a board or in a lane to which you are subscribed, etc., and you get the notification e-mail, you can just reply right to it and have your comments added to the card’s comment thread. We think this will make the comments feature much more interactive and useful!

We’ve added a couple of minor enhancements to board editing. If you’ve made changes to a board’s design and accidentally click the discard changes instead of the save button, the system will prompt you whether you are sure. A small thing, but we know if will save people some heartburn! And we’ve added the ability to add a comment when you change the board structure. This will be added later into some of our analytics graphs so you can better associate big data changes with the business/process changes that caused them.

And, finally, we retired User Voice and shifted all of our customer support to ZenDesk. Some of our users (and frankly some of us) were getting confused by suggestions being stored in User Voice and issues in ZenDesk. Don’t worry that the great idea you submitted was lost; all existing suggestions were migrated to ZenDesk. We couldn’t, unfortunately, migrate the number of votes that each idea had earned in User Voice. But, we are working hard on the items that were at the top of the list: task lists, boards-within-boards, UI refresh, even better analytics, etc. We expect a big batch of them to be deployed very soon. Consider these a down payment. And, you can, if you like vote on your favorites again in ZenDesk. All the in-app links have been pointed to the new site.

Kindest regards as you start the New Year. Thanks so much for honoring us with your business.

The Planview AgilePlace Team

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Written by Jon Terry Chief Evangelist, Lean-Agile Strategy

Jon Terry is Chief Evangelist, Lean-Agile Strategy for Planview, a market leading provider of portfolio management, agile management, collaboration, and ideation software. Before that Jon was co-CEO and co-founder of LeanKit, which pioneered the application of Kanban in knowledge work. Prior to that, Jon held a number of senior IT positions with hospital-giant HCA and its logistics subsidiary, HealthTrust Purchasing Group. He was among those responsible for launching HCA’s adoption of Lean-Agile methods.