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Planview delivers solutions that help organizations realize their resource potential. Our solutions span portfolio and resource management, strategic planning, work collaboration, and enterprise architecture. Explore the products category to learn more about Planview products: Planview Enterprise, Innotas, Troux, and Projectplace. You can also explore our latest product releases as well as learn how they can help your organization improve resource utilization, accelerate time to market, and increase productivity. Cut through the noise with our common-sense tips for driving growth and innovation with strategic planning. You’ll also learn how our team is constantly evolving and designing products to address your most pressing needs. Our focus is clearly on supporting the complexity in your organization so you can easily align programs and projects to your strategic goals and track progress against baselines.

What Does a Program Manager Need to Execute on Strategy?

The Project Management Institute defines a program as a group of related projects managed in a coordinated way to obtain benefits and control not available from managing them individually. But, what is a program – really? And what is a program manager? Programs are intended to accomplish a business objective. This requires individuals who can...

What EA Software Was Co-Developed by Enterprise Architects?

In my 15 years with Troux, we’ve stood at the forefront of enterprise architecture software development and we’ve never done it alone. Our customers’ input has always been a big factor in our overall direction. Before, our process was simply to ask, listen and create. Now, as a part of Planview, we’re taking things a...

What’s the Answer to Innovation in Portfolio and Resource Management? The Answer Is 12.

Today’s launch of Planview Enterprise Version 12 is a significant milestone in a multi-year journey to create the most intuitive user experience (UX) in the PPM market and introduce strategic planning into portfolio and resource management. Precipitated by the ongoing expansion of portfolio and resource management as an enterprise-wide discipline, we’ve been partnering with our...