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Product Portfolio Management

Innovation is all about focusing and optimizing the product portfolio so you can get products to market at the right time and cost. Topics we’ll explore in the Product Innovation blog category range from ideation management to product launch and product end-of-life. Experts will provide recommendations to take your innovation strategy and delivery process to the next level. You’ll get tips for picking the right projects, prioritizing good projects, and aligning them with strategy. Take your innovation strategy to the next level with information on improving time to market to maximize resources, funding, and time. Get tips from other customers on how they improved transparency to pick the right projects and kill the bad projects early. You will also be able to access ground-breaking research and fresh insights on how capacity planning can accelerate business innovation while lowering risk.

Product Portfolio Management, Work Management for Teams

Supporting Sales and Leveling the Competitive Landscape with Planview and the Pragmatic Marketing Framework

During this blog series, we’ve been examining how the Pragmatic Marketing Framework, together with Planview, helps organizations achieve a single source of truth throughout the product development lifecycle. In part 1, we introduced the framework and described how it’s used to navigate through disparate voices across our businesses and organizations to establish our bearings and...

Product Portfolio Management, Work Management for Teams

Supporting Product Strategy to Execution Leveraging The Pragmatic Marketing Framework

As product developers and marketers, it sometimes feels as if we’re lost in the woods without a compass, constantly changing course as we respond to requests for the latest product updates, fielding sales requests, or scheduling yet another status meeting. With so many voices across your business, it’s difficult to establish your bearings and move...

Product Portfolio Management

Use PPM to Measure Innovation Capability

Your company recently introduced a new product to the market, and it has been a huge success. But do you know why? Can you trace the product delivered back to the original idea? Can you improve the innovation strategy?  You need to learn to measure innovation capability. According to Tech Clarity, to best monitor and...

Product Portfolio Management

How to Measure Innovation Capability

In part one of this series, “Why Measure Innovation by Capability,” I discussed some key insights from Tech Clarity’s latest whitepaper, 5 Ways to Measure Innovation Performance,” and why product leaders need to measure both innovation capability and desired outcomes to improve innovation performance. Now, let’s dive into the first three factors that will help...

Product Portfolio Management, Work Management for Teams

Planview at SXSW Trade Show 2018

The city of Austin is alive for yet another SXSW 2018 festival – watch this video to learn more. The conference brings together tech gurus, innovators, artists, musicians, celebrities, and basically rock stars of all types to share the latest innovations and art while inspiring attendees.  We absolutely love the energy of SXSW which is...

Product Portfolio Management

Why Measure Innovation by Capability

Just as you need both a windshield and rear-view mirror to drive a car, you need more than outcome-based metrics to measure innovation. But how can you truly measure an idea? Until an idea becomes tangible, you may have a difficult time ensuring its success—a daunting prospect for business. At the same time, companies know...

Product Portfolio Management, Project Portfolio Management, Work Management for Teams

Take the Survey: Participate in the State of Project Collaboration Market Research

Regardless of where or how you work with your teams, your collective goal is to work together to get work done. As you may know, project delivery is not always easy. The cliché of doing more with less is all too real, often creating a complexity for teams and managers alike. The truth of the...

Enterprise Architecture, Product Portfolio Management, Project Portfolio Management, Work Management for Teams

3 Steps to Unlock the Treasure Trove of Work and Resource Management

You don’t have to be a pirate to find hidden treasure—although it may give you the upper hand. With the right information, anyone can become the hero or heroine to unlock secrets to success—in this case, secrets to work and resource management. While the benefits of work and resource management are (not-so-hidden) jewels, there is...