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OpsDev – Mobile App Issues from Ops to the Delivery Teams with Tasktop Sync

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We all know that Mobile Apps need to work flawlessly to impress. Slow performance or crashing apps are not tolerated, a study in 2015 showed that 53% of users will uninstall or remove a mobile app if it stops responding or crashes. Apps that perform slowly or drain battery life aren’t tolerated either.

What if an organization has an app that can crash in production but is challenged by getting the right information back to the delivery teams to help them resolve the situation?

This is the challenge that IntelliQA aimed to address with our enterprise toolkit that features Tasktop integration technology, strong product knowledge and plenty of innovation. We divided the challenge into parts:

IntelliQA 1

Analytics – Obtaining the Crash Information (and much more)
IntelliQA is one of the leading Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Gold Partners in the Mobile Solution space. We are acutely aware of the importance of analytics for understanding production usage for business reasons (marketing and operations), aiding test strategy definition, and identifying and addressing issues. HPE AppPulse Mobile is a leading analytics solution that identifies the events and has the right information to determine what went wrong.

AppPulse Mobile captures crash data with the precise steps that led to the crash, and importantly, the device credentials, including CPU, memory and battery stats. The crash can be readily translated into a defect and fed straight back to the delivery team to recreate and resolve. One resolution can prevent many more, thus increasing user satisfaction and reducing operating costs.

IntelliQA 2

AppPulse Mobile has the option to create a defect in several systems, in this instance we opted for JIRA.

Distributing and Synchronizing Information
Having identified a method to obtain the right information we then went onto put this in the right place to enable teams to use it and collaborate to resolve the issue. Naturally, we chose Tasktop Sync for this. It is a solution that we have full confidence in.

The JIRA defect could be synchronized into one of the many systems that Tasktop supports, ServiceNow and HPE Application Lifecycle Management are the obvious choices in this instance.

IntilliQA 3

A set of entities as above would enable development, operations and test to work in their tools of choice with a well-defined process. The use of Tasktop Sync enables such a solution with minimal overhead.

A standard process may involve an offshore test team being assigned the issue once created, they could use the information within the defect, together with the capabilities of HPE Mobile Center (i.e. selecting an appropriate device and network conditions) to reproduce the problem. Any further information found would be synchronized back and the development team would have the advantage of all of this information and a test to be able to resolve. The synchronization would keep the operations team in the loop throughout via ServiceNow.

Implementation of a Proof of Concept
IntelliQA has a reference install of the Hewlett Packard Enterprise suite of tools, including AppPulse Mobile, Application Lifecycle Management and Mobile Center, a JIRA instance and Tasktop Sync. We were able to create a Proof of Concept within a short period of time to demonstrate this use case.

The Tasktop implementation was straightforward and fast (strong products, training and experience pay off).

This is a really good use case for Mobile Analytics and Software Lifecycle Integration. The technology is there from our partners Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Tasktop. The role of IntelliQA as a Certified Services Partner of both companies is to device the solution, implement it on our reference environment and demonstrate to the potential customer.

It is really satisfying to work with the IntelliQA team, and technology that works, to put together solutions that truly address client need. Well done all.

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Written by Tasktop Blogger