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New Planview AgilePlace Features

Published By Katie St. Francis

We’ve been busy delivering some important enhancements over the past few months to improve your Planview AgilePlace experience. We’ve announced some of these separately, but wanted to give you a roundup of all the latest and greatest Planview AgilePlace features.

Save time with automated updates

Integration Service

Don’t mess around with duplicate entry. Our new integration service guides you through the process of setting up a two-way sync between Planview AgilePlace and JIRA, GitHub and/or MS Team Foundation Server. With our open source setup, the integration service is a springboard for coordinating communication between Planview AgilePlace and your other systems. Read our recent blog post to learn more.

Zap It

Automate task updates between Planview AgilePlace and other online applications with Zapier’s pre-built integrations. Quickly create and update cards in Planview AgilePlace using your favorite productivity, tracking and calendar web apps — more than 250 of them — including Zendesk, Basecamp, Salesforce, Gmail and Google calendar.

Find, Filter, Collaborate

Global Card Search

Instantly find and navigate to your cards no matter where they are (backlog, task boards and archive)! Global Search also gives you a comprehensive list of your work – especially helpful when you’re managing activity across multiple boards, projects and/or teams. See the status of all your work and pull up any of your cards from the search results for quick edits.

Filter Board Data

Filtering helps you focus on the important stuff. New filters now let you hone in on cards that are blocked, high-priority or stale (stuck and not making any progress) to get the work flowing! Learn more about filtering here.

iOS File Attachments

No need to wait until you get back to your computer: Share documents with your teammates and read attachments while you’re on the go. Our latest iOS redesign allows you to add and view card attachments whenever, wherever.


Keep team members in the loop via @mentions. Use these to send targeted e-mail notifications  in the following card fields:

  • Descriptions
  • Comments
  • Block/Unblock reasons
  • Work-in-process (WIP) limit override fields

Subscription Notifications

Enhance collaboration and don’t miss a beat by subscribing to important board(s), lane(s) or card(s). Automatically generated emails keep you informed of any updates, helping you stay on top of your work even when you’re not logged into Planview AgilePlace.

Activity Stream

If you want an easy way to keep up on card activity without signing up for email notifications, check the activity stream.

It’s a log that summarizes all board activity and can be filtered by user and date range.  When you find what you’re looking for, quickly drill right into the card history for more detail.

Scale your Processes

Board Security

Cut down admin time by creating default settings that automatically give system access to your users at a pre-defined level of security. Our large customers — with hundreds or thousands of users — will especially appreciate the added ability to page through users and manage access quickly.

Two New User Roles

Board Creator is a role for team members who don’t need the bells and whistles of an Account Administrator but still require the ability to create new boards (e.g., drill through boards) and manage new board settings.

Board Reader, a.k.a. read only, is for stakeholders who want to see the information on the board and be kept in the loop via subscription or @mention communications, but won’t need to update the board themselves.

Tagging Work

Tags allow you to identify or group cards into categories. The tags can then be used as criteria in filters, searches and reports. But consistent terminology isn’t easy. Now you can cleanup invalid, redundant or inconsistent tags with easy tag management that handles editing, merging or deleting. No more Q, Qtr, Quarter, Quarterly on the same board.


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Written by Katie St. Francis

Katie is a constant learner, Lean practitioner and product enthusiast. As a Product Manager at LeanKit, she works to help solve customer problems and help them find ways to deliver value faster. She spends her spare time crunching data to find opportunities for continuous improvement and asking “why."