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Release 29th January 2014 – Document Review, Cross-Project Search and ToDo

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First release of the new year! Personally I thrive on change so New Year’s Eve is one of my favourite holidays. The collective feeling of reflecting on the past and starting something improved or new is just wonderful. I have never been big on resolutions but a simple stop-start list can be good when moving into a new phase of a project, even life. So a tip is to take a little time and reflect with the team in a retrospective after a sprint/phase/time period. What are the things you need to stop doing and the things you need to start doing to make the next phase/sprint/year better? Make two short list – Stop and Start – and post them where everyone can see – maybe on the project overview in Projectplace?

Here are the changes that you can expect today and some that are happening soon

  • Full Support for Document Reviews in New Documents
  • Improved Web Notifications
  • Better Filtering in Cross-Project Search
  • ToDo Beta
  • Recommendations for Internet Explorer 10 and 11
  • What’s Up Next?

Full Support for Document Reviews in New Documents

We are working towards making the new document management tab everything that the old one is and more. Document reviews provide one of the key project workflows for many of our customers and I hope that the new interface feels fast, useful and intuitive. If you try out new documents (there’s a link at the top right in the tab Documents in your project) you can expect:

  • Faster browsing
  • More ways of involving your project group
  • The ability to use keyboard shortcuts for common actions like – create document, create folder
  • Interface and interaction that are aligned with other tools like Kanban boards and Gantt charts.

In the new interface there is no longer support for permanently locking documents in the review process (sign). We have found that this feature is rarely used in the context of a review. Instead you find the permanent lock on the menu More in the details for each document. The interface for document reviews is unchanged in old Documents.

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 3.12.36 PM

Better Filtering in Cross-Project Search

We have made it easier to use the cross-project search that some users are testing by letting you search in only the current project. You can also decide if you want to see everything or just documents, cards, or activities.

Search result filters available at the top of the screen

Improved Web Notifications

To make sure that you keep on top of what goes on in your project we have changed the notifications in the web browser to stay highlighted (unread) until you have actively clicked on them. This way you can act on one notification and still feel certain that the other new information stays in the unread state for later follow-up.

ToDo Beta

ToDo is a new product from us that is focused solely on the Kanban boards. Take the opportunity to be a tester and enjoy free use of the digital Kanban boards for any project during the beta. Home improvement, kick-off, campaign or wedding, the choice is yours.


Recommendations for Internet Explorer 10 and 11

We have document management add-ons that make your life easier if you work with documents in Projectplace. A primary function is to be able to open, lock, edit and save back documents in a seamless way. We have two solutions for this, a web browser plug-in for older versions of Internet Explorer (up to and including Internet Explorer 9) and an Adobe Air app, Document Manager, for everybody else. We have tested and found that the Document Manager is preferred for newer versions of Internet Explorer (10 and 11) You can find both apps on our website for download.

What’s Up Next?

  • New Interface For User Settings

Soon we will release a whole new interface for personal settings in Projectplace. The interface is faster and also responsive which means that it will look good and be usable on both big and small screens. In your settings you will of course still take care of everything that has to do with your user account and personal profile in Projectplace. Use this area to update your personal details including profile picture, password and address.

  • New Search for All

The new search that includes cards, documents and activities from all your projects will be rolled out to all users gradually.

  • New Documents for All

The final switch of all our users to the updated version of Documents is getting closer. Why not try it out right now and tell us what you think? To switch between them you just click the blue link at the top of the folder list in Documents.

  • Desktop App to Replace PowerTab

The PowerTab that sits at the top of your screen and provides instant access to your recent documents, shortcuts and projects is a very appreciated feature, especially by people who use ProjectPlace a lot. Unfortunately it is limited at the moment to Windows and Internet Explorer. We want to be able to offer ProjectPlace conveniently on the desktop for all our users and therefore we are working on a replacement. Planned release later this spring.

  • Plan in One Place

We strive to make the project manager’s work easy and enjoyable. So we are bringing the best of the timeline activities to a new planning tool which will be more Gantt, integrate better with the boards and be delightful to work with. Something like this:


I will continue to keep you updated on the things that happen in ProjectPlace and also look into the feedback we receive from you.

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