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The Right Way to Run Innovation Management

Published By Kristi Bjornaas
The Right Way to Run Innovation Management

It seems every industry struggles in one way or another when it comes to developing and designing innovative, new products with that competitive edge. The way a company approaches innovation will differ from another company. That’s why I like this webcast The Right Way to Run Innovation Management featuring two of the most experienced product development gurus I know: Carrie Nauyalis, NDP Solution evangelist, and Pamela Soin, senior manager at Kalypso.

Carrie and Pamela do a great job at getting right to the point on this short webcast, I’ve provided time stamps to get you to the topics that interest you most. Here are the highlights:

  • Important steps to consider before actual product development (2:30)
  • How to run innovation like a business (3:54)
  • What best practices separate mature companies from less mature companies (5:20)
  • How to mature the “people,” “processes,” and “tools” in your innovation model (6:00)
  • Tactical considerations on how you get to where you want to be, even if you don’t have a centralized innovation team (12:05)
  • Next steps for moving up the Innovation Management Maturity Model (15:24)

I also recommend that you evaluate your product organization’s current state of innovation management maturity using “The Innovation Management Maturity Model” – it’s a framework for assessing your innovation program encompassing the people, processes, and tools needed to speed time to market and prosperous innovation.

I’d love to hear about your successes in innovation management. Share your best practices with us below.

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Written by Kristi Bjornaas

Kristi Bjornaas graduated from Texas State University and is the marketing, demand generation manager at Planview writing about product development and innovation news and best practices. Before becoming a demand gen manager, Kristi held multiple roles at Planview including event planning, sales support, and customer communications. She was also responsible for coordinating events such as the 2011-2013 Horizons User Conference and Planview’s Annual Sales Meeting. Most recently, Kristi started the Planview Customer Community to promote communication and best practices among Planview users.