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How Software Development Metrics Can Improve Your Delivery Processes

Published By Tasktop Blogger
How Software Development Metrics Can Improve Your Delivery Processes

Tasktalks is an engineering-focused podcast telling the stories of Tasktop’s engineering teams from internal practices to the day-to-day challenges they face.

Imagine a world where there is only one way to develop software at scale. Imagine if everybody used the same tools, had the same team structure and processes, everything was done “by the book”. Things would move through the organization smoothly without any issues along the way. There would be no missed features or missed requirements. Everyone would be on the same page.

The reality is, with so many factors from company size, product lines, budget, unanticipated development issues, customer requirements, etc., engineers can’t use an out of the box method to develop enterprise-scale software, and there isn’t some magic orb out there that will provide you with the perfect software development process. The best you can do is dive in, fail, learn and improve. And the only way to learn and improve is to measure how your software organization is run.

In this episode of Tasktalks, Kevin Stark, from EngOps, is joined by Levon Shirakyan, Engineering Manager, to discuss how teams at Tasktop are learning from the data they measure to not only improve software development processes, but also to drive key business decisions.

Here are some key discussion points from this episode of Tasktalks:

  • How Tasktop determined which software development metrics to measure
  • How we gather the data and visualize it for all the stakeholders
  • How data obtained from the tools used by departments outside of Engineering contribute to the data story
  • How our teams use data as a business driver

You can also catch up on our first episode of Tasktalks here, where we talk about expanding technology across multiple teams via Docker.

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Written by Tasktop Blogger