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Forrester TEI™ Study Shows Tasktop Can Deliver a Customer ROI of 640% Over Three Years With a Payback Period of Less Than 3 Months

Publié le By Neelan Choksi
Forrester TEI™ Study Shows Tasktop Can Deliver a Customer ROI of 640% Over Three Years With a Payback Period of Less Than 3 Months

I am pleased to share the findings of a Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ study that evaluates the cost savings and business benefits enabled by Tasktop’s value stream management (VSM) platform, Planview Viz™. We commissioned this study to quantify and share what our customers were already telling us – that we were dramatically changing how they do business by improving how they manage their software delivery at scale.

Forrester researchers took a multistep approach to evaluating the impact that Tasktop can have on an organization, including interviews with several existing customers to gather data on costs, benefits and risks, as well as risk-adjusted financial modeling. They created a composite organization and based on the interviewed companies that deployed Viz, concluded that the composite organization experienced benefits worth $18.9 million, incurring costs of less than $3 million over a three-year period. This adds up to a net present value of $15.7 million and an ROI of 640%. 

The étudier lists the following benefits, worth a total $18.9 million:

  •  Up to 7% improvement in application delivery productivity over 3 years, leading to millions in reduced delivery costs. The ability to identify and track areas causing delivery delays with a consistent framework for measurement enabled the interviewees’ organizations to properly manage capacity, allocate resources effectively, and accelerate delivery.
  • Reduced reporting and analytics burden for managers, saving managers 2.5 hours per week. Planview Viz comes with ready-to-use connections to a wide portfolio of software development tools. This allowed the interviewees’ organizations to seamlessly integrate their toolchains across departments and teams, generating a consistent set of Flow Metrics. Product managers saved an average of 2.5 hours per week by no longer needing to manually develop and report their own metrics.
  •  Improved employee morale and reduced turnover by 10%. Planview Viz exposed excessive workloads within the interviewees’ organizations, and it enabled them to better manage capacity. This relieved the burden of some high-burnout roles. Additionally, having a full view of product delivery enabled decision-makers to properly identify tasks or teams causing delays. This reduced friction between business and IT teams that frequently engaged in finger-pointing in the absence of hard data.
  • Provided license savings from discontinued management tools totaling more than $600,000. With built-in integrations and visualization capabilities, Tasktop eliminated the need for teams to maintain other third-party visualization and management tools.

One customer – a CIO for a transportation enterprise – said, “[Having Planview Viz] translates to more on-time deliveries for customers, more milestones achieved, less cost because we are wasting less time, and higher quality because we are eliminating places that made our engineering team cut corners.”

Overall, we are delighted that Forrester Consulting has confirmed what we hear everyday from our customers: Tasktop delivers tangible and measurable impact in helping out customers drive success with their digital transformations. Our customers know the 640% is important, but really is a drop in the bucket when compared to a world where their economic survival is determined by their ability to deliver software that customers want with speed and quality. That said, we don’t intend to rest on our laurels. Instead, we are continuing to enhance our leading value stream management platform to deliver an even greater bottom-line impact to our customers in the months and years ahead. 

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