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Les principales 3 conclusions de Capgemini pour l'innovation par le crowdsourcing

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This week, Corey Glickman, the Global Lead of Rapid Design & Visualization at Capgemini, joined the Spigit team to discuss how and why Capgemini is crowdsourcing innovation to power their $14B business.

If you think that it’s challenging to create business impact from crowdsourcing, or are just too wary to give it a try, you’ll want to catch a recap of this webinar (full recording below). Here are 3 takeaways from the webinar that can help you dramatically improve client satisfaction and reveal untapped sources of new revenue.

You Don’t Actually Need New Resources To Get Started

The team at Capgemini creates visible results without a lot of resources. “We’re not restricting ourselves to using crowdsourcing in the sense of a [specific] project,” says Ian Palmer, Senior Manager. By tapping into existing resources and stakeholder communities with innovation challenges, they can predict business outcomes early and often.

Crowdsourcing Innovation Creates an Engaged Community

Crowd innovation brings more opportunities to accelerate and test processes, learn from successes and failures, and grow your business quickly. Capgemini develops proactive communities of committed, engaged innovators that ideate together to address process revisions and business challenges. They call it “persistent-based smart sourcing” — by encouraging transparent, collaborative problem-solving between sales teams and clients, they’ve developed a thriving, integrated innovation ecosystem that results in expert, targeted solutions for their customers.

One result? A 30% overall increase in time savings, including a 90% reduction in rework and a 40% reduction in define and development time.

Technology = Impact

Capgemini pinpoints the intersection between consumer needs, business goals, and technology. This crowd-based “smart sourcing” allows for constant ideation, engagement, and actionable innovations.

A recent collaboration between Capgemini, air transport IT provider SITA, and airport personnel focused on improving passenger security compliance. With the Planview IdeaPlace crowdsourcing platform, they engaged over participants and generated hundreds of ideas, resulting in tangible, testable results.

“We love the Planview IdeaPlace tools,” said Corey Glickman. “We think they’re best in class.”

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