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Extend Enterprise Architecture Data Across the Business

Troux 13 gives a broader set of stakeholders the ability to support business transformation

Published By Sean King
Extend Enterprise Architecture Data Across the Business

Most software companies have a regular launch cycles. But Troux 13 is anything but a regular launch.

At first blush to those familiar with Troux, it may look like a makeover: it’s definitely a great-looking (and great-to-use) product.

But a second look will reveal that this is far more.

Troux 13 is about empowering greater sets of users within your organization to leverage enterprise architecture data to make decisions in change initiatives.

Troux 13: for Enterprise Architects and beyond

Enterprise architects enable change creation, but they rarely do so alone. When they work with IT and the business in transformational opportunities, they are often left to do the heavy lifting. Making the software they rely on easier to use and understand helps a broader set of stakeholders play a supporting role.

That’s why we asked our amazing customers to find out what they wanted, needed, and – perhaps most importantly, did not want – to make this a more inclusive decision-making support system. The feedback we got was invaluable. Troux 13 stands testament to the time and thoughts our customers shared with us.

An Inclusive Approach for the Whole Organization

We left nothing to chance. We partnered with one of the best user experience firms in the business to help us figure out not only how our products should look but how to structure them so that they are easier to use and derive value from for users of varied experience levels and requirements.

This resulted in an inclusive approach that delivers top-notch usability both for high-level enterprise architects and other stakeholders.

Let’s take a look at some of what Troux 13 has to offer:

Interface changes

Troux 13 features a modern interface that simplifies interactions and makes it easy for all to find and use data about your organization’s portfolios.

Look and feel consistency across Troux Insight and Troux Navigate create higher productivity and eliminate confusion with new users.

troux insight-and-navigate
New visual style for both Troux Navigate and Insight

User Experience updates

A streamlined user experience exposes navigational elements everyone uses regularly, speeding decision making by providing instant access and eliminating extra steps.

An easily accessible, dynamic global search function makes it easy to find and interact with important data.

A dynamic global search makes it easy to interact with portfolio data.

New Feature: APM Grid

Review data across the application portfolio in Troux Navigate in the highly intuitive and efficient APM Grid. This popular table view perspective in Troux Insight now has its analog in Troux Navigate as well.

In the grid we’ve added column sets, which groups supporting properties and relationship information into logical views. These views can be predefined or created ad-hoc as analytical needs change.

Easily assess data across application portfolios in the APM Grid with column sets.

This is just a taste of what’s new in Troux 13 – we can’t wait for you to see everything we’ve designed to make your experience better, and help more users achieve success using Troux.

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Written by Sean King

Sean King is a Product Manager for Planview's Troux product line. Sean spent the previous 10 years heading up Troux’s Quality Engineering and Technical Support organizations. This combination of responsibilities gave Sean unique insights into how product design and actual usage converge to produce value for Troux’s customers. Sean has since parlayed that experience into his current Product Management role by focusing on an“outside-in” approach to building market-driven solutions for enterprises. Sean has held technical leadership roles at various SMBs in the Austin area. Sean has a BS double-major in Psychology and Criminal Justice from the University of Texas at San Antonio, and an MBA from Concordia University Texas.