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Raising Your Enterprise Architect’s Profile

Building a Better Case for EA as Critical to Strategy Development

Published By Jeff Ellerbee
Raising Your Enterprise Architect’s Profile

Tired of waiting for an invitation to the executive table? Maybe it’s time Enterprise Architects framed technology discussions in a business strategy context to earn their seat at the table. Stepping up your profile makes it easier to prove how you can drive business results in a positive, profitable direction.

Sure, changing internal perceptions about EA business value is easier said than done. Especially when EAs are respected for their technical chops, but end up having to fight to have their strategic insights heard or their version of innovation understood.

On the plus side, EAs who do hone their business savvy are much better at demonstrating to management their expertise, according to a recent IDG survey. I invite you to read my article on ITProPortal titled, “How Enterprise Architects Can Raise Their Profile within the Business – Earn a Seat at the Table“. I provide a deeper look into how EAs can increase their visibility with the business, including how to:

  • Show your ability to steer the business in a positive, profitable direction
  • Leverage your relationship with your CIO to get noticed by the business
  • Stop evangelizing about the tools of your trade and begin espousing solutions to problems
  • Seize the day to diagnose the next wave of digital business challenges

As an EA, you need to speak the language of the business. Instead of just talking about technology, you must translate IT strategy into business strategy to earn a seat at the management table as a key contributor.

How enterprise architects can raise their profile within the business – and earn a seat at the table


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Written by Jeff Ellerbee

Jeff Ellerbee, Solutions Consultant for Planview Enterprise One Capability and Technology Management. Jeff has helped customers be successful with CTM in the US and UK for 14 years. Jeff is a technical sales leader with more than 19 years of experience creating and selling software. He has designed, built, and successfully marketed five enterprise software products and a healthcare automation device for several venture-backed companies. Jeff is a software engineer turned sales engineer who has progressively shifted toward greater revenue generating responsibilities, taking on new challenges, creating more value for his customers and earning greater personal rewards.