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Product Portfolio Management

Put a Spike In It

Spikes in Agile Software Development environments are used to investigate a concept and/or create a simple prototype. Basically, a spike is a quick (typically less than a sprint of effort) exploration by coding of an area in which the development team lacks confidence. The spike is concluded when you learn what you needed to learn....

Product Portfolio Management

Agile Programming and Portfolio Management

On the surface, agile programming and portfolio management are not that similar. Look deeper, and there are some interesting parallels. I learned about Extreme Programming and the Agile Manifesto seven or eight years ago when I had the pleasure of reading Kent Beck’s book, Extreme Programming Explained, and by happy serendipity, was able to work...

Product Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management and Agile Programming

When Kent Beck first articulated the principles of agile programming, he spearheaded the greatest change in software methodology in the last twenty years, and therefore perhaps of all time in such a young art. As I cannot hope to improve upon his exposition of the synergetic principles of Extreme Programming, I would like to explain how...