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Patrick Tickle

Chief Products Officer

Patrick Tickle is responsible for the company’s Products organization and leads the Planview team that continues to deliver the most innovative portfolio management solutions to the marketplace. Patrick brings over 20 years of experience in product management, product development, and marketing across a wide range of technology solutions. Prior to joining Planview, Patrick served as Vice President of Marketing and Product Management of ITM Software where he executed category development and product definition. He has also held a variety of product management and marketing positions at Terraspring, Inc. (an enterprise software company acquired by Sun Microsystems), MIPS, and Silicon Graphics. He has a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Notre Dame and an MBA from the University of North Carolina.

Vision and Trends

Work Methods Are Proliferating: Ignore Them at Your Peril

Eight forces are exerting pressure on modern organizations. In this third installment of our series, I cover the increasing number of work methods that employees at all levels are using in today’s businesses. To succeed, leaders must incorporate these into a modern approach to PPM with Work and Resource Management. Outcomes are different Capabilities must...

Vision and Trends

Capabilities Must Be Strategic: Deliver Business Value with the Right Offerings

I am counting down the eight forces currently working against you as you attempt to transform your business and innovate. The good news is that each of these eight can be turned into assets with the right Work and Resource Management approaches and solutions. Last month I covered the first force: Outcomes are different. Today...

Vision and Trends

Outcomes Are Different: Deliver Products and Services That Matter

Last month I introduced the concept of Work and Resource Management as a way to deal with the complexity confronting organizations of all sizes. Eight forces are creating this complexity today, constraining the progress of organizations and teams as they try to innovate and deliver on their strategic objectives. The basic issue and opportunity here...

Products, Vision and Trends

Productpolooza Advances Work and Resources Management with Modern Streamlined UX

Over the past several weeks we’ve launched the most exciting product announcements in Planview history. Fall 2016 Productpolooza features major updates to Planview Enterprise, Troux, Innotas, and Projectplace. What’s so exciting is not just the new features and enhancements we’ve added to each product… it’s also about how these products – individually and in different...

Products, Vision and Trends

Planview Productpolooza: This Fall is Going to Rock!

Although it has been a crazy few months in the USA (you all know what I’m talking about), on the flip-side it has been a great fall season for rock and roll. C’mon, Bob Dylan wins a Nobel Prize! Get out! Most of us did not see that coming, but well deserved (and very innovative)....

Vision and Trends

Work and Resource Management Is Now

Since 1989, Planview has been on a mission to help every one of our customers realize their resource potential. In the early days this vision translated to a fairly simplistic formula. Resources were typically people and financial in nature, projects were what the resources delivered, and the goal was to ensure the projects were aligned...

Vision and Trends

Alignment Is Dead…or at Least It Should Be!

Aligning strategy and execution: It’s a concept that is pervasive in organizations. “If we can get everyone aligned around this plan we’ll be good.” “IT needs to align to the business.” “We are doing the right things because our departmental initiative is perfectly aligned with our corporate strategy.” Does this sound familiar? The problem is...


What’s the Answer to Innovation in Portfolio and Resource Management? The Answer Is 12.

Today’s launch of Planview Enterprise Version 12 is a significant milestone in a multi-year journey to create the most intuitive user experience (UX) in the PPM market and introduce strategic planning into portfolio and resource management. Precipitated by the ongoing expansion of portfolio and resource management as an enterprise-wide discipline, we’ve been partnering with our...

Enterprise Architecture, Project Portfolio Management

Reinventing the Strategy and Business of IT

Today’s IT organizations encompass a wide range of functions spanning traditional IT operations, infrastructure, application development, security – the classic IT functions that we all know. These functions are almost always complemented by several important organizations that are chartered with strategic and business management – the PMO, a technology team, often enterprise architects, and even...

Vision and Trends

So What Exactly Is The “New” Planview?

Today is a very exciting day both for Planview, and for our new friends and colleagues at Projectplace. Today we announced the acquisition of Projectplace, a Stockholm-based leader in the project collaboration market. Obviously we are still Planview, but why the “new”? The new is the combination of market-leading enterprise portfolio management and project collaboration under...