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Product Portfolio Management

Use PPM to Measure Innovation Capability

Your company recently introduced a new product to the market, and it has been a huge success. But do you know why? Can you trace the product delivered back to the original idea? Can you improve the innovation strategy?  You need to learn to measure innovation capability. According to Tech Clarity, to best monitor and...

Product Portfolio Management

How to Measure Innovation Capability

In part one of this series, “Why Measure Innovation by Capability,” I discussed some key insights from Tech Clarity’s latest whitepaper, 5 Ways to Measure Innovation Performance,” and why product leaders need to measure both innovation capability and desired outcomes to improve innovation performance. Now, let’s dive into the first three factors that will help...

Product Portfolio Management

Why Measure Innovation by Capability

Just as you need both a windshield and rear-view mirror to drive a car, you need more than outcome-based metrics to measure innovation. But how can you truly measure an idea? Until an idea becomes tangible, you may have a difficult time ensuring its success—a daunting prospect for business. At the same time, companies know...

Work Management for Teams

Calm the Chaos: The Project Manager Survival Guide

You have probably experienced this scenario: You go to work with a set to-do list in your mind, just to have it blown apart by fire drills. Even though you planned to have hours to catch up project statuses at your desk, you are pulled into meetings, additional tasks are thrown your way, and you...

Work Management for Teams

How Work Collaboration Tools Can Help You Impress the Stakeholders

If you’re in charge of a project, you probably know what it feels like to be in the hot seat when it comes to keeping stakeholders in the loop. You have a lot of questions coming your way, and when the pressure is on, it can be difficult to keep track of everyone on your...

Work Management for Teams

Fostering a Collaborative Work Environment with Virtual Project Management Software

Teamwork makes the dream work! I’m sure you’ve heard it before—but it really holds true. Effective collaboration is an essential component of the successful teamwork required to reach your company’s goals. However, effective collaboration isn’t always easily achieved. Virtual project management software can increase collaboration and bring teams together in a virtual office. Geographic Dispersion...

Work Management for Teams

Collaboration Software Helps Project Managers Navigate Tough Waters

Ever tried rowing upstream? It’s tough—especially if you get stuck in the rapids. Being in that position alone would have people questioning your sanity. You need a team to provide the man power to make it to shore and not end up on the rocks—or even worse, capsized. But let’s consider something for a moment....

Work Management for Teams

Get On-Board with Kanban Boards

When you’re handling complex, multi-step projects, organization and prioritization can become a problem. As a project manager, it’s often easy to lose visibility of who’s working on what, and what’s being accomplished. On the flip side, as an employee, it can be difficult to prioritize and take ownership of your tasks. These issues lead to...

Work Management for Teams

How Using a Gantt Chart Can Help You Achieve Goals More Efficiently

If workspace chaos is keeping your team from completing goals, and you’re looking for a way to plan and manage your team using less time and energy, the streamlined simplicity of a Gantt chart may be the answer for you. Let’s take a look at the basic ways you can start to manage information and...