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In today’s world of work, disruption—whether it’s from new technology, new business models, or customer experiences—is the new normal. Such disruption, impacting companies regardless of industry, is fueling the sense of urgency behind innovation. Either your organization is innovating or it’s getting swallowed up by the competition. That’s why having an effective innovation program is so important to stay afloat.

The challenge for many program leaders and their innovation programs comes down to their level of involvement in the idea implementation process. Only about one-quarter of innovation teams are involved in implementing ideas in every challenge they run.

Therefore, being able to demonstrate value becomes difficult. Additionally, innovation leaders struggle to master full lifecycle idea management—the process of moving great ideas into execution. And at the end of the day, implementation is what drives success and meaningful business impact of any new idea.

These struggles are why questions often arise from curious innovation leaders about how their programs stack up against those of others, something that, in the past, has been tricky to accurately measure.

Assess Your Innovation Management Program to Improve

An innovation program requires employee engagement, the fuel that will power the ideas generated and eventually the products or solutions developed. However, employee engagement is often stagnant, if not declining.

How do you get employee engagement to get your company to meaningfully and strategically innovate?

Planview Planview IdeaPlace’s Innovation Program Benchmark Tool

The Innovation Program Benchmark tool can help. Insights from the 2018 State of Crowdsourced Innovation Report  reveal how the world’s largest brands use the power of the crowd to solve critical business problems and surface opportunities for growth. The tool allows you to assess your innovation program, the maturity of your innovation program, and provides quick tips to increase program impact quickly and get more out of your crowdsourcing and program efforts.

There are three possible outcomes at the end of the assessment:

  • Beginner: Just Scratching the Surface – Good news. There’re tons of potential and opportunity to make more of a business impact within your innovation program.
  • Intermediate: On-Par with Peers – Nice job! Now it’s time take it to the next level by creating more challenges and measuring success.
  • Advanced: Ahead of the Curve: You rock! There is always room for improvement, fine tuning and further expansion.

The best part is every outcome comes with three solid recommendations that will help you improve program efficiency and breathe new life back into the program to fuel employee/customer engagement.

It is designed to help people understand how they’re doing with their program and identify opportunities for improving and scaling, all based on Planview IdeaPlace’s unique expertise in working with hundreds of companies to kick-start and grow their innovation efforts. The tool will assess if innovation leaders are truly building successful programs and optimizing every stage of the idea lifecycle: idea development, testing, piloting, and launch process.

Final Thoughts

In today’s increasingly competitive and disruptive market, innovation has never been more top of mind for businesses looking to grow, or even just to survive. It’s true that a company’s biggest advantage comes from the collective knowledge of its employees and their ability to collaborate.

Planview Planview IdeaPlace helps some of the most innovative enterprises on the planet drive their innovation efforts and solve business challenges by enabling collaboration and ideation at scale.

Whether you’re on-par with peers or just scratching the surface, our Innovation Program Benchmark Tool has the capacity to help all innovation programs get off the ground and reach success. Take the assessment today to see where your organization stacks up against others, and if you’d like to learn more about how Planview Planview IdeaPlace can help further your innovation program, register for a free demo.

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