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Seven CEOs Offer Perspectives and Advice

Published By Leyna O’Quinn
Seven CEOs Offer Perspectives and Advice

During the few last months, there has been a lot of buzz online and social media about Joel Trammell’s Forbes article. Targeted toward CEOs, these articles interview seven CEOs and provide insight into everything from the role of a CEO, lessons learned as well as advice for newly appointed CEOs. We’ve gathered them here for easy access.

7 CEOs Give Advice to First-Timers

“There are absolutely no free lunches in being a first-time CEO,” says Alan Knitowski, CEO of Phunware, in answer to my question for the third and last installation of this CEO advice series, “What advice would you give to professionals about to take on the CEO role for the first time?” Continue reading “7 CEOs Give Advice to First-Timers” at

7 CEOs Reveal Lessons Learned as a Chief Executive

“In this second part of my three-part series, our seven CEOs answered this question, “What lessons have you learned from your current or previous CEO role(s)?” Their advice ranges from being nimble and adaptive to cultivating teamwork to never stop fundraising, among many others.” Continue reading “7 CEOs Reveal Lessons Learned as a Chief Executive” at

7 CEOs Weigh In: What Surprised You Most About The CEO Role?

“This first article gives their answers to the question: What surprised you most about the CEO role when you began your first CEO job?” Continue reading “7 CEOs Weigh In: What Surprised You Most About The CEO Role?” at

What do you think about the recommendations offered by these seasoned CEOs? Share by leaving a comment below.

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Written by Leyna O’Quinn Sr. Content Strategist

Leyna O’Quinn is a Certified Scrum Master and Certified SAFe Agilist. She has been managing the Planview blog strategy for more than 7 years. She writes about portfolio and resource management, Lean and Agile delivery, project collaboration, innovation management, and enterprise architecture. She has more than 15 years of experience writing about technology, industry trends, and best practices. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Business with a concentration in Marketing.