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How to Turn Project Management Chaos Into Harmony [Webinar]

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How to Turn Project Management Chaos Into Harmony [Webinar]

Project managers are under huge pressure to adapt to the growing role of technology in organizations, the increasingly global nature of business, and customers’ evolving expectations.

Recent independent research, the Chaos Theory, examined the impact these pressures have on project management and working habits in European businesses. The research reveals that project managers waste up to 20 working days a year due to inefficient ways of working.

While the rapid evolution of technology might sometimes catch organizations off-guard, the latest innovations are proving invaluable in empowering project managers to tackle chaotic, inefficient ways of working head-on. By using tools that support new ways of working, project managers can collaborate in a smart, goal-driven way and ensure project success.

Have trends such as mobility, cloud computing, data analytics or alternative working spaces improved the way you collaborate with your teams? Or have they created new challenges?

Attend our webinar on Wednesday, February 4th to learn how you can make the most of the latest technology trends and make sure your projects won’t be taken over by chaos.

Date & time: This webinar has passed. Watch a recorded version by following this link.
Location: Online

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