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The Advantages of Change

Published By Team AdaptiveWork

Winston Churchill once said: “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”

At the end of the day, change creates opportunity. The problem is in our attitude towards change, whether we treat it negatively or we welcome it and accept it. The majority of people become used to their “stream of life”.  Mentally, people live well “in a status quo” situation, both at home and in the office.

The better your work processes are defined and the more efficiently you work, the more difficult it will be to convince people that something SHOULD be changed in the first place.  Really, why fix something that isn’t broken?

Improvements Means Change

Only people with an internal drive for change know that in order to progress you need to improve, and improvement means change. Given the fact that change is the natural state of things and is inevitable, you have two choices: you can embrace change, or you can reject it.

Why are we talking about change so much, why has it become so vital now? The answer is very simple. The dynamics of our modern life have changed dramatically. In order to adapt, methodologies, processes, and products must be adjusted to the changing environment. Readiness to change guarantees flexibility of your business and its competitiveness.

Take Advantage of Change

Take the advantage of the inevitable change to create your opportunities.  Let change become a welcome experience for everyone in your company.

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Embracing and managing change can help you:

  • Reduce the status quo mentality and create a platform for positive and creative thinking – your business is dependent on whether you have a tradition for creative thinking.
  • Create new modern processes and methodologies – be sure you revise your processes and methodologies What is good today can become inefficient tomorrow. There are so many new tools and applications that can help you improve! If you evaluate new business applications for your company, check that the vendor shares your drive for change. This will guarantee that the tool will help you to improve constantly.
  • Find solutions for challenges – you cannot “rest” on the current achievements. Remember – you are not alone in the market.
  • Promote flexibility – flexibility is a key to embrace new ideas and directions
  • Promote systematic and visionary thinking rather than linear improvement – you need to look into the future every moment and not only into the nearest future. Also, try to predict what will happen after the nearest future. Keep in mind that visionary thinking helps you not only to predict, but also to drive the future.
  • Be ready at any moment for uncertainty, adapt to the changing requirements of your customers and the market.

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Written by Team AdaptiveWork