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Step Up Your Service Desk Game

Published By Lindsey Marymont
Step Up Your Service Desk Game

Do you think your service desk could use a boost? Are you realizing that while a service desk is essential in your organization, it is just a piece of a much larger puzzle? It is impossible to deny the importance of a service desk system in your organization, but it begs the question, how can it be better?

Service desk is great for what it’s meant to do: manage problems, incidents, change requests, releases, asset discovery, and likely much more. You know your service desk is irreplaceable. But is there potential for more?

The tickets that come through a service desk vary in size, time-to-solve and may have varying degrees of repetition. Many that come through have been done before in a different request, others are unique in complexity and scope, may require additional expertise or even escalation. But what about when your projects are more than just solving tickets? How can task management scale to projects that achieve a larger goal?

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) integrates with your current system to bring another element to your service desk. Its the get-management-off-your-back and get-stuff-done system that puts you in the driver seat to drive value and lead change. Projects are important; there’s no denying it. But managing projects across a portfolio can give you so much more and deliver a value greater than the sum of its parts. Organizations of all sizes are looking to PPM to initiate the conversation of getting more value out of systems such as service desks and task management. PPM provides a holistic view of all projects, whether it be strategic, routine, or down and dirty ticket solving. It all comes together to achieve the goals of the organization and realize the benefits of the investment.

The best part about PPM is it prioritizes projects – taking a service desk to a whole new level. While planning is continuous and it is critical to remain agile in today’s ever-changing market, prioritizing is always at the forefront of IT leaders’ minds and identifying what projects require the limited resources and how to maximize that return on resource investment. It all plays a bigger role in the overall organizational execution.

PPM can also provide resource capacity and demand planning, financial planning and bundle it all up in a nice pretty dashboard that gives stakeholders real time visibility while keeping them out of the weeds until they are needed to step in. It gives the information needed, while keeping the project on track so organizations can achieve the goals they set out to. A good PPM solution paves the way for standardizing process and raising the bar on projects because success rate is higher and benefits are clear.

For a complete view on what it takes to step up your service desk game, take a look at our recent webinar: Why Your Business Needs PPM.

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Written by Lindsey Marymont

Lindsey Marymont is marketing manager at Innotas by Planview, a provider of cloud portfolio management solutions to manage projects, resources and applications across the enterprise. She has extensive experience in marketing for technology firms, and manages the commercial marketing team for North America.