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Planview IdeaPlace Executive Releases New Book

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Today, we’re proud to share the release of a new book authored by Doug Collins, VP of Innovation Architecture at Planview IdeaPlace.

This book, titled Great Question! Generating Effective Questions for Successful Outcomes, is intended for the leader of a group of people who would like to help that group identify the critical question for the purposes of innovation, collaboration, and problem solving.

The book comes in four parts:

  • Setting context
  • Identifying the challenge
  • Framing the question
  • Convening the community

Each part includes worksheets that the leader can use with their teams. And can be used to achieve better results through asking the right questions.

When asked where the inspiration for the book came from, Doug explained: “In my experience, many will find themselves frustrated when their innovation challenges or small group brainstorms don’t produce useful outcomes. This commonly observed problem motivated me to write Great Question! to guide anyone who wants to succeed by framing the right questions for the desired transformation.”

Great Question! Generating Effective Questions for Successful Outcomes can be purchased today on Amazon.

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