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Trender i molnet: Vad 2014 kommer att medföra

Publicerad Av Kevin Kern


While cloud computing ostensibly makes us more efficient, it has yet to make us omniscient. However, key trends are emerging that merit attention in 2014 to fully leverage the power of the cloud, particularly by effectively managing project and application portfolios. Those organizations that can capitalize on the potential that these trends promise for businesses will be ahead of the curve going into 2014 and beyond.

Optimization, Innovation and Integration

The year ahead is likely to bring a continued and renewed focus on the alignment of application development and strategic business goals. As competition in all industries and markets continues to intensify, smart businesses will recognize the value that IT and Portfolio Management functions bring to the organization, rather than focusing on solely on costs. In lieu of reduced spending, companies will once again focus more investments around cloud application offerings like Application Portfolio and Project portfolio solutions. We also believe that by implementing projects, resource management, and portfolio management solutions within the cloud, companies will continue to prosecute increased visibility and meaningful operational views to run the business.  Nothing earth shattering here. We think it will be more of the same but with a laser focus on process improvements

Finally, while it seems like a simple idea, achieving these outputs can be elusive amidst multiple mergers and acquisitions: Knowledge workers should be allowed to work in environments that enable the most productivity. Integrating critical business systems such as Agile Solutions and ERP systems with existing solutions in the cloud will be a key ingredient in improving efficiency and productivity, contributing significantly to companies’ overall success.

Apps and Mobile Redefining IT

We’ve moved from an era of homogeneity to heterogeneity. The focus is no longer on hardware and operating systems; our lives are run now by applications, and the platform delivery is secondary. Visionary companies like Amazon, Apple and Google have changed the way we consume applications, creating a wave of demand for intuitive user-friendliness. This expectation is now translating into similar requirements for easier-to-use, faster-to-deploy IT enterprise offerings. Complex is out, simple is in, and the cloud is the place where common platforms, security, storage and functionality can converge to meet these demands.

Samtidigt leder den ökade rörlighet som vår app-centrerade kultur ger upphov till en ny definition av en "kunskapsarbetare".  Så småningom kommer hela branscher att omdefinieras, eftersom den nya tiden efter PC leder till att 1.3 miljarder kunskapsarbetare skapas bara under de kommande fem åren. Vi befinner oss för närvarande i en explosiv fas som vi tror kommer att fortsätta i många år. Den nya applikationsbaserade teknik som utvecklas för att dra nytta av kunskapsarbetarnas kompetens och molnets kraft kommer att skapa rikliga möjligheter som vi alla kan dra nytta av - även IT-avdelningarna.

The Role of the CIO Continues to Evolve

Business processes are becoming increasingly complex. Applications are no longer stand-alone solutions, but composites of many interdependent IT applications and services. To effectively navigate this environment, CIOs will have to act as shamans, leading the right development for the right business reasons. This will be a continued area of focus and improvement.

In a dramatic and strategic shift, they will move from being optimizers of processes to managers of portfolios. Cloud-based solutions will be an important component in providing the transparency and visibility into interdependencies, progress and metrics that CIOs will demand. The stakes are high, because CIOs will not only be held accountable for the successful execution of projects or application work, but also for the return on IT investments by portfolio. We see this event as a major shift over the next several years.

Exciting Trends, Extraordinary Opportunities

As these trends illustrate, 2014 and the next three to five years will bring some of the most challenging and innovative opportunities that technology and marketplaces have to offer. They will almost certainly put pressure on both IT departments, (and vendors who sell to IT), to evolve in order to survive and thrive. Those who are ready to take advantage of the new paradigms will be inspired by these challenges to make the most of the opportunities that lie ahead. Those who don’t risk compromising their competitive edge in an environment where it’s more important now to compete effectively..

Fortunately, cultivating an awareness of how the world is changing around us, and an appreciation for the almost infinite possibilities and answers to challenges that the future holds, are the beginnings of achieving great accomplishments. By keeping an eye on these key trends, 2014 can be a year of improved efficiency, value, and impact of increased productivity for organizations.

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