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Enrich joins Planview! – Enrich Consulting

Publicerad Av Dr. Richard Sonnenblick

When I started Enrich over two decades ago, my dream was to build a company that helped R&D teams manage uncertainty in new product development. Almost 24 years later, dozens of life science and R&D firms worldwide use our SaaS-based strategic portfolio management tools to leverage the collective wisdom of their staff and make confident, profitable investment decisions. The outsized impact our team has made, and continues to make, on the annual allocation of 100’s of billions in high-stakes R&D investments is so gratifying to me.

Today, I’m excited to announce the next step in our journey. Enrich is joining Planview! Planview’s strength in enterprise agile, portfolio management, and coupling planning to execution is a perfect complement to our strengths at Enrich: analytics for strategic portfolio management that enable best-in-class strategy realization.

As part of Planview, we are doubling down on our commitment to develop and enhance the Enrich Analytics Platform and Enrich Viewport. We’ll also leverage Planview’s global support infrastructure to improve our responsiveness outside the continental US.

One of the most exciting items on our development roadmap is a rules- and AI/ML-based notification engine, which will alert users to unusual or unexpected changes in initiative value, cost, and schedule. We’ll also be integrating the Enrich Analytics Platform with Planview E1 for end-to-end project management and strategic portfolio management.

We look forward to leveraging our expertise and connections in life sciences to grow the Planview footprint across drug and device development organizations worldwide.

Enrich has been modeling complex, uncertain, new product forecasts and financials for over two decades. The Enrich Analytics Platform enables optimization of portfolio investments and offers real-time scenario planning at increasingly granular levels of detail. Embedding these capabilities into the Planview product suite will be exciting for us and for Planview customers, enabling schedules, costs, and value to be assessed with added realism.

As Planview’s Chief Data Science Officer, I’ll be in a key role to define and execute a data science strategy at Planview across the entire product line. Incoming Planview CTO Mik Kersten has recently written about the opportunities to infuse project and portfolio management activities with predictive and descriptive insights, and I’m thrilled to be a part of this evolution. Our deep applied knowledge at Enrich of optimization, Monte Carlo simulation, and real-time scenario planning will inform how we make machine learning methods accessible and, eventually, indispensable to PMOs and SROs who use our products.

Under the Planview umbrella, we are entering a new, exciting phase of growth and innovation where we can increase both our market impact and our customers’ ability to make critical R&D decisions.

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Skrivet av Dr. Richard Sonnenblick Chief Data Scientist

Sonnenblick, Planviews Chief Data Scientist, har många års erfarenhet av att arbeta med några av världens största läkemedels- och life science-företag. Genom denna djupgående studie och tillämpning har han framgångsrikt formulerat insiktsfulla prioriterings- och portföljgranskningsprocesser, poängsystem samt finansiella värderings- och prognosmetoder för att förbättra både produktprognoser och portföljanalys. Sonnenblick har en Ph.D. och MS från Carnegie Mellon University i teknik och offentlig politik och en BA i fysik från University of California, Santa Cruz.