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Projectplace Pro beta version is out now: try the next generation of work management software

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We are all team members. Sometimes in bootstrapped groups, fighting impossible deadlines. Sometimes dealing with lots of external partners and stakeholders. We are juggling budgets, large and small. Sometimes as assigned leaders.

Different roles, conditions and challenges require different sets of skills and work tools. Undoubtably, we share the same goals in an organization, department or team. But often, we’re not sharing the way how to reach it.

That is exactly why we’ve developed a completely new tool for project collaboration and work management: Projectplace Pro, which now is available as a free beta version. It has a completely new approach for managing work and projects by bringing together all the features and benefits of traditional project management, with daily teamwork organization and personal to-do’s.

What is a project, anyway?
More and more people are being drawn into projects, in some way or another and are tasked with the job of getting things done together with a group of people. As a result, both trained and “accidental” project managers are in need of accessible tools which will empower them – and their organizations – to get things done.

Projectplace Pro is the follow-up to ToDo, our hugely popular tool which for free offers users a highly visual experience in Kanban-powered teamwork execution. Kanban is a great way for keeping track of work in a transparent and collaborative manner. Now we’re adding planning capabilities and individual task management into the picture.

Screenshot personal todoWhat’s new with Projectplace Pro
This new functionality provides a unique link between planning, teamwork, execution – a ‘holy trinity’ of project management, never before integrated in one platform. Combining KanbanGantt planning, document management, To-do lists, and social interaction in a single integrated platform, customers involved in Pro beta testing have labelled it as “Wunderlist, Trello and the Excel project plan in one.”

And the best part?  We’ve removed all the administrative hurdles that business professionals encounter when dealing with a B2B solution, and have built Projectplace Pro to be as appealing, user-friendly and engaging as possible for everyone who is regularly invited to participate in projects, not just the professional enterprise project manager.

Features in brief
You can, at a glance and via a simple but attractive dashboard, review the project plan, list your personal tasks and follow the progress of a project in a shared timeline as you and your team members complete your tasks.

Some of the key features of Pro include:

  • A shared timeline – Visualize your goal and the plan to get there with Gantt charts
  • Personal and Team to-do lists – Share team tasks on a Kanban board, as well as list personal tasks (only visible for you) as well as your team commitments
  • Team planning – Organize tasks with estimations, WIP limits and swim lanes, and view progress on planned work in real-time
  • Performance charts – View team performance in burn-up, cumulative flow and cycle time charts

We now hope that you are curious to try Projectplace Pro – Click here, sign up for free and bring out the best in your team.



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