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Project to Product: So, what’s next? Tasktop at DevOps Enterprise Summit 2019, Las Vegas

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Project to Product: So, what’s next? Tasktop at DevOps Enterprise Summit 2019, Las Vegas

For some, October is leaves changing color, pumpkins being carved and bidding farewell to daylight in the afternoon. For us, it’s all about participating in one of our favorite events of the year — DevOps Enterprise Summit 2019. And we could not be more excited to get lost in the neon lights once more. With one week to go, we’d like to share what Tasktop has in store for this year’s iteration of IT Revolution‘s educational showcase.

Just like last year—when our CEO and founder Dr. Mik Kersten launched his Amazon best-selling book Project to Product and the pioneering the Flow Framework™—we come bearing gifts (and the latest empirical knowledge) to help attendees with their DevOps transformation. This time we’re unveiling a turnkey solution to measure your software delivery against business outcomes. Our new product will generate the crucial insights required to help IT leaders to connect the dots in their discussions with leadership, enabling them to spearhead their transition to a product-centric model. 

At this year’s DOES (The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas, October 28-30), we plan to make our biggest splash yet (which is saying a lot; last year we brought in a BMW i8 into the hotel and Mik brought the house down with his first-night keynote). At booth 403 and across various stages, we’re looking forward to continuing to help attendees make data-driven decisions that will enable them to steer their DevOps journey in the right direction.

On the floor: the unveiling of a new turnkey solution to implement the Flow Framework™

One for IT and business leadership! Forget opening the black box of IT and software delivery – you just need a window with the right metrics. Be one of the first to see our brand new product, designed to give business-level visibility into the value that your organization’s software delivery is creating:

  • Live digital value stream dashboard of your software portfolio
  • Measure your project to product journey with business-focused insights
  • Identify what’s slowing you down before it’s too late
  • Gain visibility into your DevOps, Agile, SAFe and other IT transformations
  • Pinpoint areas to invest resources to accelerate value delivery

Be sure to visit our stand for a dynamic demo and find out if you qualify for our Flow Framework™ Starter Package with the new product — including a 50% discount (available for a limited time only). 

On the stage: catch Tasktopians Dominica DeGrandis, Dr. Mik Kersten and Nicole Bryan 

Find out what have we have learned over the past 12 months working at the vanguard of the project to product movement by attending one of our three sessions:

Monday, October 28 | 11:25 – 11:55 | Chelsea Ballroom

Dominica DeGrandis, one of Tasktop’s Principle Flow Advisors and author of Make Work Visible.

Shift Happens: Do You Have the Right Team for Managing Work by Product? – Dominica DeGrandis (Principal Flow Advisor, Tasktop)

Do new ways of working have you wondering how to structure your IT teams? As more organizations start managing work by product, some long-standing roles will become less important — and others will become mission-critical. In this talk, you’ll learn which roles are at risk and three new roles to consider for your IT organization. You’ll also learn a useful tool that helps you hire for these new roles — by starting with your own people.

Tuesday, October 29 | 2:35pm – 3:05pm | Mont-Royal 1

Nicole Bryan, Tasktop’s VP of Product Development

CASE STUDY: Using Flow Metrics to Drive an Integrated Toolchain for Service Delivery, Agile, DevOps and PPM – Nicole Bryan (VP, Product Development) and Jeff Zahorchak Manager, Enterprise Applications, Select Medical

As an IT professional, prioritizing demand while delivering exemplary customer service is always the expectation. However, completing project work, fulfilling customer requests and mitigating service interruptions while making sure that leadership is informed, and nothing slips through the cracks can be daunting. While IT teams are measuring improvements in process, productivity, quality, cost, revenue, and adherence to standards – they still can’t identify the rate of value delivery as correlated to desired business outcomes.

Jeff Zahorchak (Manager, Enterprise Applications, Select Medical) will be talking through his company’s journey from project to product.

During this session, attendees will learn about Select Medical’s journey to implement a fully automated, integrated toolchain for Service Delivery, Agile, DevOps and PPM, and how Flow Metrics are allowing for continuous optimization in the pursuit of achieving greater value to the organization, faster.

Wednesday, October 30 | 11:10am – 11:40am | Chelsea Ballroom

Dr. Mik Kersten, CEO & Founder of Tasktop, author of Project to Product and inventor of the Flow Framework

Project To Product: Beyond the Turning Point – Dr. Mik Kersten (CEO & Founder, Tasktop) 

In many enterprises, Agile and DevOps transformations are starting to get board-level visibility as the need to become a software innovator becomes critical to company survival and success. But how many of these transformations are on track in terms of producing the results that the business is expecting? How many of these organizations are tracking the results of these transformations, rather than just the activities, such as training and tool deployments? The fundamental problem is that the way these transformations are structured has a very different meaning to the technology side than it does to the business. Key concepts that should be shared by both sides, such as technical debt, are not part of the common language. It is these disconnects that cause large-scale transformations to fall off the rails.

In this talk, Dr. Kersten will present the lessons and flow diagnostics learned from the past year of organizations’ shifts from project to product. He will then present predictions and prescriptions to help our organizations and careers thrive beyond the Turning Point.

Make your questions audible

Tasktop’s Dominica DeGrandis, author of Making Work Visible: How to Expose Time Thieves and Optimize Workflow, will be hosting a Q&A at the Tasktop booth (403) on Tuesday afternoon from 1:30-1:55pm. Stop by to ask her questions such as:

  •   How can I prioritize my work?
  •   What is the biggest bottleneck you see in optimizing workflow and how can you prevent it?

Grab a complimentary signed copy of Project to Product

According to Gartner, 55% of enterprises are transitioning from project to product. In his popular book, Dr. Mik Kersten dives into why the move to product-oriented value streams is critical to survive digital disruption and how the Flow Framework™ can help organizations to accelerate this transition. Tasktop will be providing 500 complimentary signed copies of the book during the IT Revolution Author Book Signing on the Tuesday evening of the conference (October 29) from 7:15-8:15pm.

Have a chat with our super-friendly team

Schedule an on-site meeting with passionate Tasktopians who would love to show you how we can help you connect, measure and optimize your software delivery value streams (you’ll even be automatically entered to win an Oculus Go Virtual Reality Headset. Double win!).

See you in seven days!

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