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DevOps Enterprise Summit 2019 Speaker Q&A: Nicole Bryan, VP of Product Development, Tasktop

Published By Patrick Anderson
DevOps Enterprise Summit 2019 Speaker Q&A: Nicole Bryan, VP of Product Development, Tasktop

“Don’t just talk about the project to product transition ad nauseam. Pick a forward-thinking part of your organization and literally just start “doing product” – with intention, but not perfection.“

With DevOps Enterprise Summit 2019 returning next week (The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas, October 28-30), Tasktop (Booth 403) plans to make our biggest splash yet.

Last year, in addition to showcasing our market-leading enterprise-grade toolchain integration tool for software delivery at scale, our CEO and founder Dr. Mik Kersten launched his book Project to Product and the pioneering Flow Framework™ to great fanfare. This year we will be progressing this vision by unveiling a new product that redefines how businesses measure their software delivery – find out more about the product and our plans for the show in our pre-show blog.

As part of our participation in one of our favorite shows, a number of Tasktopians will be taking to the stage to share their experiences in helping customers with their DevOps transformation and journey from project to product. We caught up with Nicole Bryan, our VP of Product Development, about her expectations for the event and what she hopes attendees will take away from her session.

Hi Nicole! It’s been a year since the launch of our Mik’s book Project to Product and the Flow Framework™ – what has the response been like from the market over the last 12 months?

Astonishing is the word I would choose. Having been with Mik throughout his journey of writing the book – we certainly felt that it would have a significant impact, but if I’m honest I didn’t think it would have the level of impact that we are seeing. It’s been a revelation and the feedback has been very encouraging and educational. I think it’s indicative of the hunger within the industry to be more customer-obsessed and recognizing that Agile and DevOps aren’t enough on their own to accelerate the value delivery of software for the business.

You work closely with customers to shape their journey to a product-centric model – what have you learned about the transition over the last year? 

Customers tend to want to “start big”, however we recommend that you “start small”. There are so many aspects to this transition and seeing wins at a small scale is the better approach. I would also add that you need to just do it – not talk about it ad nauseum. Don’t go in with a lot of large planning meetings about how to transition. Instead, pick a forward-thinking part of your organization and literally just start “doing product” — with intention, but not perfection.

Through your work with customers, has your own personal thinking changed at all? Any “ah-ha!” moments, any lightbulbs? 

I continue to be shocked at how many lightbulbs go on in our customers’ minds when they really stop and think about the “MECE-ness” of features, defects, debts and risks. The mere fact that it is possible to have identified the comprehensive set of things that deliver business value, and that those four things can be massive conversation changers, is so cool – and it is so fun to watch people have that “ah-ha!” moment .

You’re speaking again at this year’s show in Vegas with Jeff Zahorchak from Select Medical – can you tell us a bit more about why attendees should attend and what they can expect to take away from your session?

It’s never better than hearing real stories about real people embarking on this journey. Jeff is doing amazing things at Select Medical that will resonate with anyone working in a large enterprise. And, if you come, you just might get to see a new offering that we think could be a game-changer in how you are able to run your organization from a product perspective.

Lastly, what’s your favorite thing about DOES? Can we expect to find you making your millions by the blackjack table?

Honestly, I hate Las Vegas. But I love DOES — the lightning talks are usually quite inspiring and have a fun lighthearted atmosphere. So you’ll find me there far before you’ll find me at a blackjack table!  

Catch Nicole in action!

Tuesday, October 29 | 2:35pm – 3:05pm | Mont-Royal 1

CASE STUDY: Using Flow Metrics to Drive an Integrated Toolchain for Service Delivery, Agile, DevOps and PPM – Nicole Bryan (VP, Product Development) and Jeff Zahorchak Manager, Enterprise Applications, Select Medical

As an IT professional, prioritizing demand while delivering exemplary customer service is always the expectation. However, completing project work, fulfilling customer requests and mitigating service interruptions while making sure that leadership is informed, and nothing slips through the cracks can be daunting. While IT teams are measuring improvements in process, productivity, quality, cost, revenue, and adherence to standards – they still can’t identify the rate of value delivery as correlated to desired business outcomes.

Jeff Zahorchak (Manager, Enterprise Applications, Select Medical) will be talking through his company’s journey from project to product.

During this session, attendees will learn about Select Medical’s journey to implement a fully automated, integrated toolchain for Service Delivery, Agile, DevOps and PPM, and how Flow Metrics are allowing for continuous optimization in the pursuit of achieving greater value to the organization, faster.

Nicole will also be running a Lightning Talk on Creating Role Model Ladders on Tuesday between 18.15-19.15 in the Chelsea Ballroom.

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See you next week!

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Written by Patrick Anderson

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