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New Work Management App: Planning, Teamwork and Personal To-Dos in One Tool

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New Work Management App: Planning, Teamwork and Personal To-Dos in One Tool

Finally, after months of preparations, we are today releasing the full version of our new Projectplace app for teams and small organizations to manage their work and get things done. All essential tools for work and project management are now available for all team members for the first time: Planning, teamwork and personal task management in one integrated, seamless, and user-friendly solution. The get things done approach is supported by a fixed price model that enables teams to start for free and invite new members to collaborate without worrying about user licenses for a limited number of active projects.

Mobile-personal-todo-listThroughout the development process, we have strived to reinvent the traditional project management tool by focusing on identifying the sweet spot of efficient planning and teamwork. ProjectPlace ‘s approach to work management makes it possible for you and your team to stay on top of things and focus on what’s important. The app brings a toolbox for all kinds of teams by combining high-level planning functionality required by a project manager in a classic Gantt view, with tasks and organizing capabilities for the entire team on a Kanban board. And as icing on the cake: an integrated personal to-do list for each individual team member. 

The pricing plan makes it also different to other products on the market and is optimized for teams to immediately get things done. Rather than paying for the number of users involved, teams can start with the Free version, upgrade to Basic or Pro versions for a fixed fee, and get access to a toolset to help them manage their work throughout the team’s entire lifetime. 

Key features of the Pro version include:

  • Planning in a classic Gantt view – Show where you are heading and how you plan to get there. Then get everyone aligned
  • Teamwork on a Kanban board – Share the team tasks, see who is working on what, and visualize progress in a transparent and self-organizing way. Includes WIP limits and swim lanes to avoid bottlenecks and provide better workflow overview
  • Personal to do-list – Let your team members stay in control of their commitments and plan their tasks towards the joint goal. Available for each team member, stand-alone for personal tasks or fully integrated with the plan and Kanban board
  • Performance charts – Keep track of progress in burn-up, cumulative flow and cycle time charts

All in all, we want ProjectPlace to provide more time at hand, less friction and greater insights for managers, teams, departments or small organizations to get things done – without loosing track or worrying about user licenses.


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