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Case Study: NASCO Transitions to Deliverable-Based Billing

Published By Kerry Raminiak
Case Study: NASCO Transitions to Deliverable-Based Billing

PPM for Professional Services Organizations is Used to Manage 1,700 Billable Resources and Support New Business Evolution

The transition toward meeting the client expectation of deliverable-based billing – as opposed to the more typical, billing by time and materials – is a common issue within professional services. Within a wide array of industries, whether as an internal, embedded organization or a stand-alone project-based business, client expectations are challenging PSOs to be ever-more diligent in itemizing the exact number of billable or field hours toward a specific milestone.

NASCO needed to do just that and make this transition with limited resources. They did their research and realized that their current implementation of Planview Enterprise (that was being used to manage their resource management and capacity planning of their billable IT services) had, not only all of the information they needed, but also the reporting and invoicing capabilities that could be leveraged to accomplish their goals.

In this case study, learn how NASCO made this major organization shift with success and saw:

  • Reduction of manual, time-consuming processes helping to streamline and grow the business
  • New, real-time access between quote and cash in order to identify milestones to collect revenue
  • Improved fiscal management of projects
  • Strengthened project and program management and performance for improved return on investment and customer satisfaction

To learn more about NASCO’s story visit the Vibrant Customer Community section on and access NASCO’s 30-minute presentation on how they wrangled 1,700 billable resources into a system of managed projects and designed clear stages for billing.

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Written by Kerry Raminiak

Kerry Doyle Raminiak writes and manages the development of thought leadership materials within the purview of project-based business operations and corporate financial long-range planning. Before joining Planview, Kerry owned and operated a marketing communications firm that specialized in developing messaging for software, web-based applications, and other technology niches. Kerry has a BS in Communications from Towson University Maryland, and an MA from Pepperdine University.