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Long-Range Planning Round Up: Top 5 Responses to the 2013 Benchmark Study

Published By Linda Roach
Long-Range Planning Round Up: Top 5 Responses to the 2013 Benchmark Study

A Definitive Guide to the State of Long-Range Planning in 2013

Industry experts, practitioners, and Finance leaders have articulated their takeaways from the research in a variety of ways. This compilation of the best-of-the-best indicates an interest from both executives and practitioners as well as represents a practical and philosophical take on the comprehensive research. For the past six months, the 2013 Benchmarks for Long-Range Planning conducted by Ventana Research and the Financial Executive Research Foundation has been a catalyst for solid analysis and insight.

Here are the five most widely read long-range planning resources to date:

Long-Range Planning Benchmark Study Chart: Greater Accuracy Drives Better Results

    1. CFOs Need a Fresh Perspective on Long-Range Planning by Rich Murphy. Written by a CFO to CFOs, this analysis published in the May edition of Financial Executive Magazine explains that for Finance leaders, the benchmarks point to six key directives.
    2. FERF Alert on Long-Range Planning: Steps to Develop a More Effective Process by the Financial Executive Research Foundation. In this direct response to the research from one of the study’s sponsors, FERF asserts a call-to-action when it comes to evaluating solutions to the problems and pain points defined by the research.
    3. The Planview Approach to Corporate Financial Planning. While not a direct response to the research, as sponsors of the benchmark research, Planview takes the information outlined in order to describe considerations any Finance practitioner should consider in a purpose-built software solution.

<li”>The Remarkable Reason Complacency for Spreadsheets May Reach Critical Mass. Written by Kerry Raminiak, this blog post highlights that when global economists make a major spreadsheet error it is painfully newsworthy while, according the benchmark research, such is likely far more prevalent and worrisome in corporate finance.


Do the 2013 New Benchmarks for Long-Range Planning Findings Change Your Viewpoint?

For your reference, the research New Benchmarks for Long-Range Planning Executive Summary and New Benchmarks for Long-Range Planning findings webcast are also available so that you can craft your own response.

We want to hear from you. What analysis was most or least agreeable to your corporate capital planning situation?

Furthermore, what type of analysis is the most useful to you–a directive of steps on how you can improve your processes or empirical essays as to why some companies need to take another look at their processes and systems?

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Written by Linda Roach Director, Solutions Marketing

Linda Roach champions solutions marketing at Planview, partnering with customers to articulate their business challenges and to quantify the value of implementing change. Linda leads Planview's agile go-to-market team for portfolio and resource management. During her tenure, Linda has helped drive Planview's market advancement and significant growth through marketing leadership roles. Previously, Linda held positions at Pervasive Software, VTEL, and Kodak where she led go-to-market initiatives for new products and product line expansion. Linda holds a BS degree in Chemical Engineering from SUNY Buffalo.