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Killing Products: Gone, but Never Forgotten

Published By Kristi Bjornaas
Killing Products: Gone, but Never Forgotten

A few weeks ago Carrie Nauyalis posted an inspiring blog about the positive aspects of killing products early in the innovation process and how it can be similar to a Jazz funeral. The piece was so well received that she expanded the blog into a full article on Innovation Here’s a short synopsis and link to the full article:

Mourning the Dead: Why You Should Have a Funeral after Killing Your Product

Pulling the plug on an in-flight project is hard. No one wants to be the person calling it quits, offending team members and admitting defeat. It is this mentality, however, that ends up sucking the life out of resources and budgets and setting the organization up for continued failure because the process is broken. How can you ensure only the right projects survive, wrong ones are killed early, and lessons learned are celebrated after an appropriate mourning period? It’s going to take courage. Continue reading at: Innovation

I’d like to hear from you. How early are you killing products in the innovation process? Share your experiences and examples in the link below.

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Written by Kristi Bjornaas

Kristi Bjornaas graduated from Texas State University and is the marketing, demand generation manager at Planview writing about product development and innovation news and best practices. Before becoming a demand gen manager, Kristi held multiple roles at Planview including event planning, sales support, and customer communications. She was also responsible for coordinating events such as the 2011-2013 Horizons User Conference and Planview’s Annual Sales Meeting. Most recently, Kristi started the Planview Customer Community to promote communication and best practices among Planview users.