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Keep the data flowing – five things you need to know about the Jira Cloud API change

Published By Tasktop Blogger
Keep the data flowing – five things you need to know about the Jira Cloud API change

In case you missed our previous post on the subject, here’s a quick summary of what you need to know about the upcoming change to Atlassian Jira Cloud’s APIs to avoid disruption to your software delivery value stream.

1. Atlassian’s new approach to user identification is driven by the GDPR

The changes to Atlassian Cloud product APIs will consolidate how personal data about Atlassian product users is accessed by API consumers. The main change centers around user identification, with “username” changing to a user “account id”.

2. April 29th is the cutoff date for the old authentication method

That’s right, there are only a few weeks left to update the API-based integrations that keep business value flowing through your value stream.

3. Disruptions to your integrations can halt collaboration and compromise data integrity

Many organizations integrate the tools that plan, build and deliver software to flow of product-critical data through the product lifecycle to ensure smooth collaboration. But when this is accomplished through a web of plugins and custom built API-based integrations, changes to the API of one endpoint can cause a ripple effect across multiple tools. Suddenly, the stories created in Jira could stop flowing to your test management tool, or the updated requirements from your requirements management tool don’t make it into the Jira epic. The carefully orchestrated collaboration between the specialists using these tools is interrupted and your metrics are inaccurate or not showing the full picture.

4. Tasktop customers only need to upgrade

If you’re a Tasktop customer using Jira Cloud or Zephyr Cloud, we’ve got you covered. All you need to do is follow these instructions to upgrade your Tasktop product by April 29th.

5. This won’t be the last time API changes could disrupt your software value stream

Software vendors often make API changes as part of upgrades to their tools as they seek to support their customers’ changing needs. While Atlassian has communicated this change to customers and partners, API changes – especially for SaaS products – can often catch customers off guard and leave them scrambling to implement changes. With an ever-expanding toolstack, the burden of maintaining a connected value stream without model-based integration can be more than your organization can handle.

Want to learn more? We’re hosting three 30-minute webinars this month where you can learn more about what’s changing and how to keep product-critical data flowing between teams with Value Stream Integration. Click on the image below to find out more.

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Written by Tasktop Blogger