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Ushering in the Age of Value Stream Management (VSM)

Publié le By Patrick Anderson
Ushering in the Age of Value Stream Management (VSM)

“Value stream management has come of age because it’s impossible to do a large-scale digital transformation without it.” – Dr. Mik Kersten, founder and CEO of Tasktop, author of Project to Product

Following the gains of Agile and DevOps, value stream management (VSM) is the natural next step in mastering software at scale. Recent reports by Forrester, GigaOm and Research In Action signal that the new era of managing IT is truly underway, as VSM helps IT leaders urgently seek to better align their software delivery with business outcomes and strategy. Looking holistically at how the work that creates and protects value flows from ideation to operation, VSM makes good on the promises that Agile and DevOps have not been able to fulfill at scale. Fortunately, a change in thinking, tooling and job roles can get you on the right track.

In this new white paper, Carmen DeArdo—former Technology Director of Nationwide Insurance, co-author of Standing on Shoulders: A Leader’s Guide to Digital Transformation and VSM Practice Lead at Tasktop—draws on his vast experience in the industry and at the heart of the VSM movement to expand on:

  • Why VSM is the natural next step in scaling DevOps
  • Why VSM needs its own form of measurement
  • The need to address the cultural side of implementing continuous improvement
  • Why your tooling pipeline is your most important product
  • Architecting the value stream for end-to-end flow
  • How to close the disconnect between IT and the business
  • The importance of focusing on protecting business value as well as creating
  • The new VSM roles emerging
  • Simple steps to begin your VSM journey
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The Flow Institute—the first online community for implementing value stream management (VSM) with the Flow Framework®—offers a steady guiding hand, helping you to harness the rapid feedback loops for continuous improvement that serve the tech oligopoly so well.

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Learn more about how the Flow Institute can help you on your VSM journey to become a high-performing tech company sooner.


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