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The Flow Institute: The First Online Community for Value Stream Management (VSM)

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The Flow Institute: The First Online Community for Value Stream Management (VSM)

Adapting to the undefined market conditions of the Novel Economy. Serving customers and supporting employees in a digital-first world. Finding your feet amid a whirlwind of voices and opinions. Knowing where to cast your net in a vast sea of data. Maximizing ROI from delicate budgets. Keeping up with and comprehending ongoing transformations and initiatives. Sieving through the cacophony of pitches promoting new technologies and methodologies that promise the world. Understanding what’s really an urgent priority; it’s safe to say there’s an awful lot going on as modern enterprises navigate these challenging times. Has decision-making ever been harder or more critical for leadership? Just how do you take the first step into the unknown? The Flow Institute—the first online community for implementing value stream management (VSM) with the Flow Framework®—offers a steady guiding hand, helping you to harness the rapid feedback loops for continuous improvement that serve the tech oligopoly so well.

A Prescriptive Way to Implement Value Stream Management

As VSM becomes the de facto way to master software delivery at scale and closes the feedback loop between IT and the business, leadership and their teams are crying out for more visibility into their software delivery and its role in their digital journey. After years of moderate success and few stinging failures, the desire for a consistent and agnostic methodology is stronger than ever. Right on time, the Flow Framework provides a concrete and prescriptive way to cut through the noise and focus on what really matters to customers and the business. And, crucially, builds on all the great progress you’ve already made.

Whatever your industry, structure, methodology, tooling or processes, the Flow Framework provides a clear blueprint for practicing VSM in software delivery. A leading U.S healthcare leader doubling its feature velocity. A telecom giant changing its outsourcing strategy to negotiate better terms with its service partners. An online investment firm discovering a system bottleneck impeding digital channel innovation, the remarkable success that organizations are witnessing with flow-based value stream metrics provides an exciting glimpse of what’s possible.

Enterprises and other large-scale organizations (such as government agencies) are discovering new ways to shorten time-to-market by an average of 75 %, learning where to spend their next dollar, and how to continuously and systematically remove bottlenecks and measure their product value streams against defined business outcomes. Yet like any transformation, implementing the framework takes some finesse in shifting mindsets, culture and approach. The Flow Insitute provides that finesse, with practical guidance from those who’ve been there and done it. 

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Introducing the Flow Institute

The Flow Institute is the premier online community for business leaders looking to apply the concept of flow to their business and move from project to product. Relieving the pain of a project-oriented approach that emphasizes cost over profit and adherence to time frames over delivery of business value, product-oriented management focuses on the continuous flow of business value through products consumed by internal or external customers.

Members gain access to custom courses, tailored workshops, c-level roundtables and exclusive content that harvests Tasktop’s deep and profound market-leading knowledge that will enable you to baseline your IT portfolios and rebalance them to adapt quickly to the increasing pace of economic and market change. 

Built around the continual learning principles of “watching, doing, discussing, reflecting”, this interactive and vibrant forum is focused on providing actionable takeaways that deliver clear outcomes that will make a difference to your business.

Flow Institute Highlights

  • Immerse yourself in an online network for questioning, collaborating and providing the support needed to guide successful continuous improvement journeys 
  • Self-autonomy for your leadership to understand Flow Metrics to make data-driven decisions to better support the software delivery teams that build and protect your business value
  • Discover “Eureka!” moments to enable fundamental shifts in thinking, without disruption to day-to-day work
  • Learn how to apply the fundamentals of the Flow Framework to measure your product value streams against business outcomes (such as time-to-market, revenues, customer retention and employee happiness) that dramatically improve the way you’re working to achieve innovation velocity
  • Executive briefings with Dr. Mik Kersten, best-selling author of Du projet au produit, to help you clearly understand why the shift to how software delivery is measured is so crucial
  • Engage with our star-studded line up of Flow Experts, including Carmen DeArdo, Dominica DeGrandis and Kristen Biddulph, who have worked with the world’s largest and most impactful organizations
  • Access to industry-leading research and the latest intel on defining best practices and common pitfalls in VSM

Learn more about becoming a high-performing tech company sur The Flow Institute website.


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