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TasktopLIVE: The Software Delivery Game is Changing

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Last Tuesday, we unveiled our next-generation product Tasktop Integration Hub at our headquarters in Vancouver. During a live-stream event – TasktopLIVE – we set our new approach to software delivery and explained how we’re redefining the Agile and DevOps landscape.


CEO and founder, Dr Mik Kersten, kicked off proceedings by providing acute analysis of the software delivery landscape and the current potency of Agile and DevOps transformations: “Agile and DevOps have come of age – we’re seeing a lot of success at startup level, but huge struggles when organizations try to scale these transformations.”

Summarizing Tasktop’s evolution over the last ten years, Kersten talked through how the company has continually built solutions that optimize the whole software lifecycle through sophisticated integration and market-leading expertise. The latest service offering, he emphasized, is a natural response to the how software is evolving and how people work and use applications.

“All teams work in their best-of-breed tools to improve functionality in their specific roles, but these tools aren’t connected or communicating. The result is a fragmented value stream that lacks the visibility, traceability, governance and security required to continuously deliver business value.”

To address this, we have devised an entirely new approach to Agile and DevOps. Tasktop allows enterprises to define value stream artifacts and flows in a unified Integration Hub, ensuring that teams get the productivity benefits of each tool, while the business realizes immediate ROI from eliminating the waste of manual entry, automating end-to-end traceability and easily achieving end-to-end visibility.

Then Nicole Bryan, Tasktop’s Vice President of Product Management, explained how easily and simply Tasktop can integrate as many tools as required for seamless scalability (a process that is “also quite fun!”). Also speaking was a selection of customers, all of whom elaborated on how Tasktop has helped their DevOps and Agile transformations and why the new approach is so important.

Carmen DeArdo, Technical Director at Nationwide, explained how Tasktop boosts his job performance: “I have to figure out how to make things work better across our delivery value stream. Tasktop helps me to do that and enables us to build exciting applications.”

DeArdo also reiterated on how important visibility in the value stream is: “You can be a great driver and have a great car, but if it’s foggy and you can’t see the road, you’re going to slow down because you don’t trust what’s going on around you.”

Meanwhile Mark Wanish, former SVP, Consumer Sales & Marketing Technology Executive at Bank of America, has been involved in Agile transformations for over a decade and is a great advocate for Tasktop’s approach of focusing on the whole value stream: “You can make developers more Agile and improve their capabilities, but you can’t neglect elsewhere in the organization – for Agile to be a success, everyone needs to involved and delivering value.”

Also on the panel was Jacquelyn Smith, Senior Director, Platform Technologies at Comcast, who has recently began working with Tasktop following a big merger between Comcast and another engineering company: “Following the merger, we had an abundance of toolsets and instances thereof – we went from six tools to fifty! We wanted to scale products to serve our customers, but also be more sensible about how we move data between tools. We’ve just started working with Tasktop and they’re already helping us to support large-scale integrations and enabling us to work more simply, easier and faster.”

You can watch the whole recording of TasktopLIVE event here. For further information on Tasktop Integration Hub, please check out our brand-new website, which is jam-packed with new engaging content.

Interested in adopting our pioneering approach to software delivery? Contact us today and request a demo. 

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