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Améliorez l'innovation des produits en comprenant la capacité des ressources

ITProPortal article offers 5 steps to get started

Publié le Par Esther Porter-Quinn
Améliorez l'innovation des produits en comprenant la capacité des ressources

Innovation is the engine that brings new ideas and products to market. These great ideas can make a big difference when it comes to staying competitive and creating new revenue streams. But knowing which ones to push and when to deliver them is the tough part. How can you innovate if you don’t have the right resources available at the right time?

5 Steps to Creating Innovation Capacity

Inevitably, companies are forced to decide whether to let a concept sit on the shelf until resources are available or charge ahead by squeezing resources into the schedule. Does your company have visibility into the pipeline or a real-time view into capacity? In recent article “5 Steps to Create Innovation Capacity” by David Stevens, Planview’s VP EMEA and APAC Sales shares how to use the right technology and processes to overcome the battle of the already over-crowded funnel. He also shares this revealing fact:

“A recent study into resource management showed that 59% of organizations surveyed believe their top risk of not improving on capacity planning is the inability to complete projects on time. It is clear that organisations know the importance of effective resourcing, however, not all are aware of the additional benefits new systems can have.”

I think the main takeaway is this: By reducing a long and complicated system into a single automated process, businesses can free up employees to concentrate on developing new revenue streams. I invite you to read the article, “5 Steps to Create Innovation Capacity,” to get the full story. I think you will find them beneficial as you fine tune your organisation’s innovation and product development processes.

I’d like to hear from you. What do you think of the five steps in the article? Share by leaving a comment below.

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