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A Day in the Life of Accounts Receivable Specialist Sujatha Prabhakar

Publié sur By Noelle Soldo
A Day in the Life of Accounts Receivable Specialist Sujatha Prabhakar

At Planview, the strength of our teams is in each employee. We hire talented, bright individuals who work together to get amazing results. And even with a global team, our employees know each person matters. No matter where they are in the world, their voice is heard.   

Meet Sujatha Prabhakar, an Accounts Receivable Specialist at Planview based in Stockholm, Sweden. She plays a crucial role in Planview’s accounting and sales efforts while also enjoying a work-life balance. We asked her a series of questions about her day. Here’s what she had to say:

Explain your role as an Accounts Receivable Specialist and a few of your responsibilities.

As an Accounts Receivable Specialist, I work with a team of four other people on tasks relating to collecting and bringing in payments — that includes sales order validation, customer invoices and payments, collections, and reconciliation.

As an Accounts Receivable Specialist, who do you typically collaborate with?

I collaborate with my internal team daily via Zoom. Three members of our team are located in different cities in Sweden, and two are in Tel Aviv. I also collaborate regularly with the larger sales operations team.

We also have bi-weekly informal chats to connect with the team on a personal level. We sometimes play virtual games like Kahoot and recently played “Guess Whose Fridge,” where we each sent pictures of the inside of our fridges and had to guess which picture belonged to who — it was a lot of fun!

Parlez-nous du travail à domicile - quels sont vos conseils pour réussir ?

I stick to a routine and make focused time to work on my highest-priority tasks. I take breaks often so I can be productive during my work time. I try to get as much virtual face time as possible with my team so I don’t miss out on the social aspect of work.

Parlez-nous de votre parcours professionnel jusqu'à présent ?

I spent nearly five years working for large, global accounting firms in India before I moved to Sweden. I started with Planview as a part-time intern and helped the accounting team transition to a new system. After four months, I was offered a full-time position as an accounting assistant, where I gained an understanding of Planview’s expenses and revenue. I was in that role for three years before I moved to my current position. In total, I’ve been with Planview for six years.

En quoi Planview est-elle différente des autres entreprises pour lesquelles vous avez travaillé ?

At Planview, I feel genuinely cared for. Management walks the walk and values their employees. Everyone is approachable, and you can feel a real team spirit, even though I work remotely. There’s no place I’d rather be.

Quelle est la plus grande leçon que vous avez apprise au fur et à mesure que vous progressiez dans votre carrière ?

To be the best version of myself at work, I have to prioritize my mental and physical well-being. For me, that means setting boundaries and getting outside when possible.

Comment gérez-vous votre équilibre entre vie professionnelle et vie privée ?

Sticking to a routine is so important. I start work as soon as my two-year-old daughter is at daycare and try to be as productive as possible during that time. I prioritize my tasks so I know what deserves my total focus.

I also set boundaries and stick to them. When I’m done with work for the day, I completely unplug to spend time with my family.

Image of Sujatha Prabhakar standing in front of lake.

Y a-t-il des expériences dans votre vie qui, selon vous, ont contribué à votre réussite professionnelle ? 

Planview is my first hands-on experience outside my country of origin. The culture and ways of working are different from what I grew up with. I’ve learned to be adaptable and enthusiastic about learning new things.

As an Accounts Receivable Specialist, how do you make time for your team?

We have set standup meetings three times a week. We also have impromptu virtual huddles throughout the day to avoid back-and-forth email conversations. We’ve learned it’s easier to sort things out by talking through them together instead of sending lots of emails.

Qu'est-ce qui rend votre équipe si efficace ?

We truly work as a team. Everyone is talented and focused on getting things done. We help each other and create a safe space to speak our minds. Everyone’s suggestions are valued, even if we may not agree. We know the other people on the team are always supportive and want to help us succeed.

Quel est le meilleur conseil de carrière que vous ayez reçu ?

Never stop learning because the only constant is change. And I’ve seen it happen over my career. In six years at Planview, I’ve seen so much change and been able to learn so many new things.

De votre point de vue, pourquoi Planview est-il un endroit où il fait bon travailler ?

Planview treats its people as its biggest assets. My leaders and coworkers listen and genuinely care about me. I also love the flexibility and that it is a family-friendly organization. My personal life is given great importance, which helps me find balance.

Qu'est-ce qui vous motive dans votre travail ?

I’m recognized for my contributions and feel like an important part of my team. Every member of my team is incredibly talented. We feed off each other’s energy, which is incredibly motivating. 

Pour le plaisir, comment rembobinez-vous lorsque vous n'êtes pas à l'heure ?

I enjoy spending time outdoors, traveling, and experiencing new cultures and cuisines. I enjoy reading novels, but recently those novels have been replaced with reading board books to my two-year-old. Recently, I’ve spent a lot of time in the kitchen trying new foods. My current favorite is Asian cuisine and learning to cook ramen.

Planview is Hiring!

Are you interested in joining a dynamic and talented team like Sujatha? Browse the current job openings on the Planview careers page. 

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