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Does This Fizz Good? [Webinar]

Published By Daniel Norton

Watch this webinar to find out how asking a simple question can improve your delivery speed.

About This Webinar

To help teams make effective day-to-day decisions that support Lean-Agile principles, we’ve created a simple yardstick at Planview AgilePlace called FSGD — Frequent, Small, Good, Decoupled.

Easy to remember and apply, “Fizz Good” is a way of breaking down work that reduces the need for cross-team scheduling, estimation and coordination. The results? Faster delivery of customer value.

In this webinar, I’ll explain how FSGD can help your organization and how to get started.

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Written by Daniel Norton

Daniel Norton is co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at LeanKit, where he leads several development teams. His previous engagements include native mobile app development with a small software consultancy and technical leadership at a large healthcare provider. Daniel is a polyglot with a passion for mastering emerging technologies and mentoring their adoption within development organizations. Follow him on Twitter @daniel_norton.