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Breaking Down All of the New Features We’ve Added to Clarizen Go

Published By Team Clarizen

Chances are your organization is on the path to becoming more agile, and you know there’s no such thing as flipping a switch from “Not Agile” to “Agile”. It’s a step-by-step process, which is why many companies operate in a hybrid state with some teams, processes or projects becoming agile, while others are waterfall. We recently rolled out several new features to Clarizen Go, our simple task management software, to both help your agile teams meet their goals, and enable additional teams to quickly and easily adopt agile workflows. There’s a lot to cover and I’ll dive into the product details and the benefits that are now available to both PMOs and teams – whether, IT, marketing or any other team that comes together to get work done and accomplish goals in a fast, nimble fashion.  

If you’re using Clarizen One, our project and portfolio management solution, you already enjoy a robust solution that helps you plan and optimize work across the enterprise. Clarizen Go furthers that mission by providing a simple task management solution so teams can work the way they want and PMOs can maintain visibility into projects across the enterprise. The connection between the two creates an ideal “hybrid” solution for those choosing to work in both agile and traditional planning methods, eliminating silos of information across the organization that are created when users adopt random consumer-grade solutions.

It’s important to remember that many teams have their own ways of working. They want an easy-to-learn solution that provides them with a simple, visual way of getting their work done, keeping track of their progress, and meeting their goals. 

That’s what Clarizen Go delivers.


Clarizen Go Stands Apart from a Crowded Field

Business teams are adopting agile practices at a rapid rate in an effort to get more done, faster. They’re focusing on products over projects, and measuring progress based on outcomes instead of only on final deadlines. They also want to be held accountable for achieving specific goals instead of being told what individual tasks have been assigned to them. 

However, many are trying to make this transition by simply replacing spreadsheets with basic task management solutions that keep them working in silos. Instead of creating new efficiencies and facilitating cross-team collaboration, they’re creating more manual processes that waste time and keep teams working in their own silos. 

What makes Clarizen Go unique compared to all other enterprise agile software solutions on the market is its ability to break down those silos to enable the integration of all teams’ work at the enterprise level. Additionally, while some solutions provide visual collaboration tools, Clarizen Go strikes the perfect balance between providing users with the ability to customize their workspaces to match the ways they work best with the ability to aggregate progress being made in real-time against all goals in a standardized manner that everyone can view. 

Additional new features we released include:

  • Work the way you prefer: Clarizen Go supports multiple methods of working, whether that’s Kanban, Scrum or Scrumban. We’ve added sprint planning and tracking that helps users make iterative progress towards a well-defined goal, delivering value to the business at the end of each sprint. Epics, Backlog, sprint management and more will help the team provide better results, faster than ever before. You can even combine both Kanban and Scrum in one project or product.
  • Identify and resolve bottlenecks ahead of time: To ensure you meet deadlines and milestones, we’ve added summary views to identify, in advance, any potential bottlenecks so you can rebalance the workload across team members. These summary views allow planners and stakeholders who manage multiple teams to remain up-to-date on progress, timelines, and alignment with business objectives. 


  • Collaborate with anyone: Invite customers, partners and other key third party stakeholders to view progress being made on the work and let them add comments or ask questions to keep everyone on the same page, marching toward the same goals. Any number of guests can be invited to view a workspace at no additional charge.
  • Integrate seamlessly: Public APIs allows you to retrieve information from Clarizen Go and populate other systems or internal dashboard, or push data into Clarizen Go from request in-take forms as an example.


Get Started for Free

Today we also unveiled a new Clarizen Go pricing tier that enables Clarizen One customers to add 10 Clarizen Go licenses at no cost. There’s no catch, you get the full-featured product. But in the interest of full disclosure, here’s what you don’t get: 

  • A Bare-Bones Experience: This is not an “entry level” or watered-down version of Clarizen Go with key features missing. You receive the full product, as well as new features we introduce in the future.  
  • Expiration dates: As long as you remain a Clarizen One customer, the first 10 Clarizen Go licenses remain free and full-featured.
  • Long lines, Long waiting: Simply have your designated users sign up with your company’s email address. If they sign up today, they can begin collaborating more effectively and getting more work done right away.


Become More Agile Today

Clarizen Go is for self-motivated teams and organizations who want to help them work the way they work best, make progress, be accountable — all while retaining their visibility within and across teams. 

To get started, visit:

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Written by Team Clarizen