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The Best Industries to Work in As a Project Manager

Published By Team AdaptiveWork

Deciding to become a full-time project manager comes with plenty of perks. Project management is a field that offers tons of opportunity and flexibility in terms of job outlook, salary and locating, and it’s a career that keeps most everyone on their toes. That said, figuring out which industry to work in can be stressful, especially since project management is a field that’s already so full of choices. Here are some of the most exciting industries to find work in as a project manager today.

Construction Project Management

Construction is not only one of the most sought-after industries for its competitive salaries and flexibility, it also offers a chance for managers to have a hand in creating a lasting, physical impact on the evolving landscape of developing cities and towns. Construction project management offers a chance for highly organized managers to contribute to every stage of a project, from inception to budgeting to maintenance and implementation. Construction project management is challenging, rigorous and often physical work, but the chance to contribute to large and small-scale projects in a variety of settings makes the rigor of the job worth it. Project managers can pursue jobs in construction from anywhere and often get to build their own schedule. What’s more, the median income for project managers in construction is roughly $75,000 per year.

IT Project Management

For individuals looking to contribute to one of the fastest developing fields across the globe, becoming an IT project manager is an ideal option. Not only does an IT project manager get paid an average of nearly six figures a year, they have the ability to make their own schedule, travel the globe and contribute to some of the most exciting new developments in tech. IT project managers tend to have a lot on their plate, but with state-of-the-art project management software like Planview AdaptiveWork, the tech sector is one of the most convenient places to develop new skills and strengthen pre-existing ones.

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Collaboration is key for project managers in IT, making it an ideal field for building connections and professional networks. Project managers have to contribute to the planning and execution of a variety of projects on a daily basis and must be interested in not only completing projects on time, but also tracking progress through detailed data reports and feedback. If a collaborative, fast-paced and ever-changing work environment is an attractive prospect, a job in IT project management might be the perfect choice.

Healthcare Project Management

The healthcare industry is constantly going through changes, especially in these technologically-advanced times. Because of this, the need for quick-thinking, well-organized managers is more in demand than ever. For workers interested in healthcare project management, there’s ample opportunity to find a specialized niche in this large, ever-evolving field. Healthcare project management deals with many different aspects of the health sector, such as recruitment, IT, resource and supply and general large-scale organization. For individuals who are good at thinking on their feet, creative problem solving and effective collaboration, healthcare might be the perfect place to utilize those skills. In such a large industry, there’s always a lot of room for growth and the chance to move up the ladder quickly. Plus, the health sector is also a stable field in terms of hours and salary. Last year, the average healthcare manager brought home a salary of $91,293 in the U.S.

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Written by Team AdaptiveWork