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Project Portfolio Management, Vision and Trends

Three Benefits of Time Tracking

Time flies, especially when it comes to project management. It is often a struggle for PMs to keep up with the work of each individual team member, resulting in their inability to effectively monitor productivity and adhere to budgets and deadlines.…

Product Portfolio Management, Project Portfolio Management

Three Ways to Mature Your New Product Development Process

For many organizations, making data-driven decisions on picking winning products and improving time to market is not easy. When it comes to prioritizing the right new product development (NPD) projects, organizations reach a point where…

Project Portfolio Management

Is Your PMO Naughty or Nice?

With Christmas around the corner, you must be wondering if you are on Santa’s nice list or whether you will be receiving coal under the Christmas tree this year. Your project management office (PMO) is no different. Many project managers are…

Project Portfolio Management

Meetings Killing Your Black Friday Vibe?

This is the time of year for giving thanks and passing the turkey around family and friends. Others see this time of year as a chance to get a head start on holiday shopping and scoring deals for the gear they’ve been eyeing all year. While many are…

Project Portfolio Management

Thanksgiving Project Prioritization Playbook

Thanksgiving is about more than just football and turkey, but since that is what’s top of mind this time of year let’s keep that in mind as you prioritize your projects for next year. Prioritization of projects is an essential part…

Project Portfolio Management

Part 2 – Managing The Chaos Of Change

CIO spending is not yet in alignment with the evolution to digital business, digital spending and marketing. CIOs are still focusing their money on very traditional spending, such as keeping the lights on and doors open – operational and infrastructure…

Project Portfolio Management

Part 1 – Managing The Chaos Of Change

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, not the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” – Charles Darwin The speed and agility of today’s business climate continues to impact growth, creativity…

Project Portfolio Management

The Project Manager’s Guide to Getting Things Done

It is getting much more difficult for people to manage projects in the modern world. Teams are increasingly dispersed across departments, external partners, time zones and geographies. Collaborating on tasks and tracking what people are…

Vision and Trends

Aligning Strategy with Execution: Don’t Get Caught in a Trap

Last call to vote for the content that you want to see at SXSW 2017. If you are interested in alignment, then Patrick Tickle’s session is for you! Aligning strategy and execution is a challenge in many organizations as they integrate vision with…