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Agile Transformation: Cprime and Planview Partner to help Customers Increase Agile Success

Published By Brook Appelbaum

Many organizations are racing to become Agile. Research indicates that Agile transformation can have a powerful impact a company’s bottom line. The benefits are clear – companies are experiencing better collaboration, heightened productivity, and improved decision making. However, Agile transformation does not happen overnight. It takes planning, coordination, collaboration, training, and know how – at all levels of the business.

That’s why we’re excited to share Planview’s latest partnership with Cprime – a leader in Agile training and coaching. Together with Cprime we’ve created a new Agile Program Management solution package that helps customers achieve greater Agile and digital transformation success.

The solution package is bundled to include the software, support, education, implementation services, as well as all the Agile coaching needed to enable Agile Program Management.

So why does this matter?

If you’re a member of your organization’s Agile CoE or a leader in product, development, or engineering you’re likely in the throes of coordinating work across programs, products, or release trains – you live and breathe the challenges and complexity of scaling Agile every day.

Whether you:

  • Leverage Agile practices and are not getting the expected benefits or value
  • Need to launch an Agile Release Train(s) but need direction and expertise on how to get started
  • Need to create or improve an upcoming PI/Quarterly planning event and want recommendations and best practices around process and technology
  • Manage multiple Agile teams and Agile release trains but lack the visibility needed to plan and deliver value and need to pivot
  • Need to create a shorter “time to value” window to be valuable and critical to organizational success and not sure where to begin

The Planview and Cprime Agile Program Management bundle supports these types of initiatives and more. It’s the perfect mix of technology and coaching to help you deliver value and achieve your Agile transformation goals.

What’s Included?

Industry-leading Enterprise Kanban

Planview AgilePlace enterprise Kanban boards allow organizations to prepare for and facilitate PI Planning, easily breakdown to stories, and align work to teams for better visibility into priorities and cross-team dependencies. You can manage team and ART capacity, connect disparate Agile team tools, and show progress for an entire Agile Release Train within a single board view. Out of the box, Planview AgilePlace provides Lean metrics to allow teams of teams to see bottlenecks, eliminate waste, and optimize their entire delivery process for increased efficiency and speed.

Easy Agile Tool Integration

Whether teams use Atlassian Jira, Rally Software by Broadcom, Microsoft Azure DevOps, or (formerly CollabNet VersionOne), the Agile Program Management solution allows Agile teams to connect their tool of choice into a Program or Teams of Teams board with ease – enabling them to continue delivering value without disruption.

Planview AgilePlace Product Implementation and Enablement Services

Make the most of your Agile Program Management solution with comprehensive Planview AgilePlace services and product education. Delivered remotely and/or onsite, Planview AgilePlace product enablement services walk customers through Kanban basics and best practices, as well as, Planview AgilePlace board setup.

Agile Coaching and Consulting

Planview has partnered with best-of-breed Agile partner Cprime, to make sure your Agile Program Management solution is implemented, rolled-out, and driving the business outcomes your organization desires. Whether you’re ready for your first Program Increment or quarterly planning event or your next one, Cprime will provide education, training, coaching, and consulting support for Agile scaling and Agile Program Management success.

This partnership gives joint customers a unique ability to:

  • Increase Agile and digital transformation success
  • Leverage best in class technology
  • Access best-in-class methodology coaching​
  • Reduce complexity and risk of Agile transformation efforts​
  • Connect a shared view of the business strategy to team-level delivery
  • Stay aligned with each other and the core strategy of the business
  • Reduce team costs by limiting re-work, prioritizing high-value work first, and pivoting toward better business decisions
  • Accelerate Agile team delivery by visualizing different work methodologies and processes for Kanban, Scrumban, and Scrum, in a single view
  • Foster collaboration and teams of teams or ART planning with a clear view of progress and cross-team dependencies across all Agile teams

We are very excited to be partnering with one of the best Agile coaching and training companies in the industry. Let us help you on your journey. If you are interested in learning more read Planview Agile Program Management Solution Bundles infosheet, or watch the APM technology demo.

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Written by Brook Appelbaum Director, Product Marketing

Brook Appelbaum is the Director of Product Marketing for Planview’s Lean and Agile Delivery Solution. With nearly 20 years of marketing experience, Brook has led many different product and digital marketing teams. However, her favorite leadership role is that of a Product Owner. As part of an Agile marketing team inside Planview, Brook drives the campaign and product marketing strategy for the Lean and Agile Delivery Solution. And she thinks LeanKit is the coolest.