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5 Things you need to know before choosing an enterprise project management solution

Published By Team Clarizen

Is it time for a change? If your organization is using outdated enterprise project management software—or not using project management software at all–you can dramatically improve your efficiency and project outcomes by moving to a better solution. Enterprise project management solutions continue to evolve, providing new functionality and greater flexibility than ever before.

choosing right project management software

Searching for a new enterprise PM solution can be confusing, however, so it’s important to understand exactly what you’re getting before you sign on the dotted line. No matter how large or small your organization might be, the questions below can help you find the right software to keep your projects on track.

  • Where Will the Software Live?

One of the most important changes in the world of enterprise project management has been the move from on-premise software to cloud-based solutions. Organizations in search of new project management software will almost always be better off with a cloud-based system. Not only are cloud solutions more cost effective and easier to implement, they make it easier for mobile, decentralized teams to stay connected. Whether you’re a team of five or five hundred, cloud-based solutions make it easier than ever before for users to access important data and documents.

  • How Flexible is the Solution?

In the past, companies often found it necessary to alter their project management practices in order to conform to the limitations of their PM software. Today, organizations can take advantage of highly configurable solutions like Clarizen to improve project efficiency without the need to change workflows or business processes. Clarizen supports a wide range of project management methodologies, and even allows teams to translate project information from one methodology to another, removing obstacles that used to hinder cross-departmental or inter-company collaboration.

  • What Type of Reporting is Available?

At the enterprise level, it’s never enough to report on a single project at a time. Program and portfolio managers need to be able to view real-time information across multiple projects and departments in order to assign resources and set priorities. Be sure that your new PM solution provides a robust reporting tool that not only allows project managers to stay informed about their schedules and budgets, but provides higher-level reporting capabilities that senior leaders will require.

  • Does the Software Include Collaboration Tools?

If your organization isn’t already enjoying the benefits of collaborative project management, this is an ideal time to begin. By choosing an enterprise project management solution with advanced collaboration tools, you can improve employee morale and help your project teams work more effectively. Clarizen, for example, provides the unique ability for teams to link project tasks to email conversations, IM chats and other forms of communication, keeping the entire team engaged and up-to-date on essential developments.

  • Can the Solution Grow with Your Company?

As your organization continues to grow and evolve, you’ll want your project management solution to evolve as well. With Clarizen’s Apps Marketplace, you’ll find hundreds of specialized applications you can use adapt your software to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

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Written by Team Clarizen