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2022 Vision Awards

Customers Honored at the Planview Accelerate 2022 Customer Conference

Published By James Lustenader
2022 Vision Awards

For more than a decade now, The Planview Vision Awards strives to recognize a handful of forward-looking organizations that have excelled at achieving their strategic goals by leveraging Planview solutions.

This year, we were thrilled to honor a few select customers during the 26th Annual Planview Accelerate Customer Conference on September 13th – 14 th. We recognize these customers for their efforts in advancing the functionality of our solutions and look forward to their continued feedback and partnership.

Whether these organizations are utilizing Planview Portfolios ® to manage strategic planning and investments, Planview AgilePlace ® to maintain their individual team’s workload against OKRs, or Planview Advisor ® to conduct a deeper analysis of their project portfolio in real-time: these customers all have one thing in common, they are truly visionaries in their field!

Here’s a brief look into this year’s winners:


The first of this year’s Vision Award Winners is Abbott Laboratories, whose R&D Program Management Offices within the Nutrition, Neuromodulation, and Electrophysiology divisions are using Planview to manage their product development processes.  The R&D teams at Abbott operate in a highly innovative and ever-changing marketplace; where new functional areas and requirements can be introduced anytime, and products must be launched to market efficiently and responsibly.

Abbott’s company Motto is “We help people live fuller, healthier lives, maximizing their potential and all ages and stages of life.” For the past 12 years we see this as true since they have incrementally grown their use of Planview’s solutions within this environment of constant change; adding new functions, departments, and geographies over the years and tackling their various challenges with the mindset that “Flexibility is Key.”

This mindset has enabled Abbott in many ways, including in the following:

  • Reduced product launch cycle-time
  • Improved the accuracy of their Capital Planning forecasts
  • Established globally consistent processes across their manufacturing sites, and more!

Planview recognizes that Abbott’s creative and forward-thinking approach is key to how we can continue to help streamline their current R&D function. This approach truly embodies what the Vision Award is all about, and that through working with Abbott, Planview is also maximizing our own potential.


When we think of the Digital Age, we often think about companies like Amazon, rather than tricentennial organizations with a long history. Well established financial institutions are sometimes perceived as being slow-moving compared to younger FinTech companies.

Lloyds Banking Group is breaking that mold. They have strong leadership, hardworking teams, an inspiring mission, and an innovative culture. With Planview’s TaskTop® Hub, they now have even greater visibility into their Value Stream to ensure that their strategic investments are providing the intended impact. Lloyds Banking Group is also cutting their Flow Time in half and in many cases, enabling better measurement into the impact of those improvements.

Change is always difficult, but it’s especially hard for a company of this size, history, and in this industry. Lloyds may have a 300-year history, but they are certainly no stranger to innovation. Because of their forward-thinking culture, they are not making any excuses about tackling the digital age head on!


The final winner of the 2022 Vision Awards is the UPS Enterprise Project Management Office. In 2019, as UPS completed a multi-year transformation of its Program Management Office, they began working with Planview as their solution to enable an impressive enterprise-wide portfolio management.  As we all know, that is not an easy thing to do, especially across a global company such as UPS.

Within 2 years, UPS has accomplished something truly incredible and unprecedented. They have now migrated multiple project management solutions into Planview, moving toward their goal of “one source of the truth” for their top strategic and cross-functional projects, equating to billions of dollars of spend across the company.

Thanks to the partnership between UPS and Planview, Portfolios® and Projectplace® has become THE platform for managing and reporting on the work related to all their strategic initiatives.

Their success with Planview is such that their leadership was remarked on several occasions: “If the project isn’t in Planview, it isn’t a project at UPS.” This type of executive buy-in is a testament to all the hard work that they have put into their visionary transformation.   

There you have it, 3 unique companies, each with their own stories of transformation and strategic initiatives while leveraging Planview’s platform of solutions to find success. 

Here at Planview, our customers are at the heart of everything we do. Congratulations to our 2022 Vision Award Winners and thank you to all our customers for their innovation and drive to improve our solutions.

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Written by James Lustenader Sr. Manager, Customer Advocacy

James has over 12+ years of marketing expertise, starting in College Sports and then moving to the Software sector to manage Customer Advocacy Programs within Apttus, Clarizen and now Planview. He is passionate about customer story-telling and strengthening customer connections, bringing a data & process-driven approach to everything he does. James also manages Customer Advocacy Programs in a way that helps both the clients' & the vendor's reach their goals, positioning themselves as market-leaders and innovators.