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The Projectplace Template Library is No Longer a Mystery

A review of the details in each template’s investigation

The Projectplace Template Library is No Longer a Mystery

Back in early September, a new resource entered the world of collaborative work management—the Projectplace Template Library. It offers templates tailored to various departments across an organization, along with a free trial of Projectplace, to help jumpstart your journey to improved collaboration. Setting up new software can’t be this easy, right? Clearly, something this good needed further investigation, and that’s exactly what we did.

Over the past few months, we put our sleuthing skills to the test and developed numerous Projectplace use cases as templates to expose the true benefits of Projectplace.

If you follow the Planview blog, I’m sure you have read many of these use cases. If not, you’re in luck. We compiled each one by department in the list below, so you can browse through for the first time, or simply catch up on any you missed.

  1. Introduction to the Workspace Template Library: “The templates are customizable to fit your team’s specific needs, offering the perfect way to help you get organized and kick off a project, while guiding you through the tool at the same time.”
  2. Public Relations: “We can now use the time in weekly status calls to discuss strategic issues because the logistics and other details have been captured on the cards.”
  3. Human Resources: “We struggled managing the new-hire onboarding process. We lacked workflow…but Projectplace changed all that.”
  4. Blog Management: “Having a view into each person’s workload, as well as the progress of each blog is invaluable, but my favorite feature is the ability to keep all communication about a specific content piece in one place.”
  5. Cross-Department Communication [Interview]: “One thing I love about Projectplace is its versatility. If I have a special project, I can create a dedicated workspace for the initiative and invite other to participate and collaborate.”
  6. Demand Generation Marketing: “The calendar view I’ve created helps me plan resends and create consistency in emails, without overwhelming my audience.”
  7. Event Management: “Whether you’re managing one event at a time or juggling several at once, a collaborative work management solution will keep you on top of your plan.”
  8. Digital Marketing: “We use Projectplace as a way to keep our tasks organized, since we are constantly updating and refreshing the website.”
  9. Customer Renewals: “We can easily organize key information for a customer onto a ‘card’ on a virtual task Kanban board and effortlessly attach documents, links, status updates, and more.”
  10. RFP Project Planning: “Information pertaining to a certain RFP response is now in one location—no more digging through emails for the most recent status update or document version.”
  11. Sales Team Collaboration: “Anyone on the sales team can share both win and loss announcements, offering learnings for others in the field, as well as practical tips that can be applies to opportunities in progress.”
  12. Customer Experience: “[Projectplace] made us more efficient by providing the ability to track our projects, assign tasks, and it has an awesome documentation feature where we can upload and review content across our global team.”
  13. Solutions Marketing: “I don’t have to hover over anyone that I’ve assigned tasks to—all edit requests are done in one place, finalized, and ready to share.”
  14. Sales Project Management: “Using Projectplace, Sales Project Management and customer communication becomes streamlined and user-friendly.”

To investigate the templates further, register for the on-demand webcast, Jumpstart Your Planning with the Projectplace Template Library, then be sure to sign up for a free trial so you can discover the perfect project fit for you and your organization.

After reviewing all the use cases, Projectplace’s benefits speak for themselves. Guess it’s time for us to hang up the detective hat for a while—looks like this case is closed.

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Zach McDowell
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Zach is a senior product manager for Planview PPM Pro and Planview Projectplace. He has managed teams across three continents at Planview and largely focuses on driving innovation for mid-market project management and PPM. He led one of the largest releases in Projectplace’s 20-year history and continues to grow and support its global user base.